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The presence of a select analyte in the sample is evaluated in an an electrochemical system using a conduction cell-type apparatus. A potential or current is generated between the two electrodes of the cell sufficient to bring about oxidation or reduction of the analyte or of a mediator in an analyt ...

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A diagnostic test strip vial has a container, a lid, and a plurality of diagnostic test strips. The container has a generally annular wall terminating at a base and at an open mouth. The lid has a top and a lifting tray connected to the top by a connector that is sufficiently long that the distance ...

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Antisense therapy which reduces the expression of TRPM-2 provides therapeutic benefits in the treatment of cancer. Seq ID No. 4 (cagcagcagagtcttcatcat) is an antisense oligonucleotide which inhibits expression of TRPM-2 by tumor cells, and which can be combined with a pharmaceutically acceptable car ...

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A lancing device is used with a lancet for lancing body tissue to result in a wound for bleeding. The lancing device has a cantilevered priming arm having a first arm portion that is generally parallel to an internal channel of the device and a second arm portion that is generally perpendicular to t ...

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A keyboard, wherein an opposing force generated between two magnet faces of the same polarity is used to return each key button to its original position after being pressed. As a result, the keyboard can be made capable of withstanding harsh environments while offering a satisfactory tactile respons ...

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Disclosed is a transparent/translucent molding composition and process for making prepared from an impact modifier and a resin blend of polycarbonate and a cycloaliphatic polyester having a matching index of refraction.

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The invention disclosed provides a method, system, and associated tag for detection and tracking of inanimate and animate objects. The novel method broadly comprises the steps of: a) attaching a low radio frequency detection tag to each of the objects, each tag comprising a tag antenna operable at a ...

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A warehousing system includes a container for storing at least one item, a first electronic (e.g., radio frequency identification (RFID)) module associated with the first container, and a controller which wirelessly communicates with first electronic module, for directing a transfer of said at least ...

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A substantially planar electrochemical test strip for determination of the presence and/or quantity of an analyte in a sample is provided that has a first electrode, a first connector including two contact pads, and a first conductive lead extending between the first electrode and the first connecto ...

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Determination of an analyte with increased accuracy is achieved by electrochemically determining an initial analyte concentration, performing a plurality of amperometric/potentiometric switching cycles, observing a characteristic of the signal during each of the plurality of switching cycles, determ ...