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In a gas separation process a pressurized gaseous mixture is passed through a first bed of adsorbent while a second bed is being regenerated by desorbing gas therefrom and venting or discharging such gas from the second bed. The adsorbent is of such a character that one component of the gaseous mixt ...

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A transparent article comprising a base, at least four coated layers, and a top protective layer is disclosed. The coated layers include a first dereflecting region, a transparent layer of silver or other metal, and a second dereflecting region comprising a layer of titanium dioxide and a layer of a ...

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A gas humidifying device is disclosed which includes a generally enclosed chamber defining a water reservoir, and an umbrella-shaped member positioned in the chamber with its downwardly facing peripheral edge normally extending beneath the surface of the water in the reservoir, whereby the interior ...

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An ethene stream which contains ethane as an impurity or a propene stream which contains propane as an impurity is hydrated with water vapor in the presence of a hydration catalyst to produce ethanol or isopropanol, respectively. After removal of the alcohol the gaseous product stream is subjected t ...

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Type X zeolites whose charge-compensating cations are composed of 95 to 50% lithium ions, 4 to 50% of one or more of aluminum, cerium, lanthanum and mixed lanthanides and 0 to 15% of other ions. The zeolites preferentially adsorb nitrogen from gas mixtures.

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A water separator is disclosed and which is specially suited for withdrawing dry gas from liquid/gas from a patient's exhalation for analysis thereof. The separator utilizes a conduit constructed of a gas permeable material, preferably expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, surrounded by a cylindrical, a ...

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An improved process is disclosed for argon recovery from an ammonia synthesis plant purge gas stream comprising hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, methane, and ammonia. This purge gas is conventionally subjected to ammonia absorption and a first membrane separation of hydrogen for recycle to the ammonia pla ...

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Method of separating a gaseous alkene from a gaseous alkane by a pressure swing adsorption process unit alone or in combination with the distillation column wherein the alkene is preferentially adsorbed onto a bed of 4A zeolite at a temperature of about 50.degree. to about 200.degree. C.

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A gas mixture comprised of nitric oxide and, optionally an inert gas, and containing small amounts of nitrogen dioxide, and perhaps moisture and sulfur dioxide, is purified by passing the gas stream through a bed of metal cation-free silica, alumina, or zeolite. The concentration of nitrogen dioxide ...

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Films are coated on substrates, useful for applications such as packaging, having a substantially continuous inorganic matrix in which organosilicon moieties are discontinuously dispersed. The inorganic matrix is formed by evaporating an inorganic source within a evacuated chamber while at the same ...