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Sputtering apparatus is described in which a magnetic field is formed adjacent a planar sputtering surface, the field comprising arching lines of flux over a closed loop erosion region on the sputtering surface.

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A nitric oxide delivery system that is useable with any of a variety of gas delivery systems that provide breathing gas to a patient. The system detects the flow of gas delivered from the gas delivery system at various times and calculates the flow of a stream of nitric oxide in a diluent gas from a ...

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A method for manufacturing a heat-sealed neo-natal medical monitoring probe requires a pair of light sources and a light detector to be placed between two layers or conformable material used to implement the probe. The layers are designed to be self-aligning when placed in the assembly press for hea ...

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This apparatus makes use of the existing data collection probe connector on the instrumentation as the port through which the software updates are loaded into the programmable memory devices that are used to store the operational software of the instrumentation. Circuitry is provided in the instrume ...

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A gas analysis cell positioned within an optical resonant cavity in a gas analysis system is disclosed wherein the cell includes a flow of buffer gas which forms a "dam", thereby protecting the optical elements in the analysis system. The analysis cell includes an inlet for introducing a gas sample ...

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A medical ventilator is provided for providing continuous, closed-loop control of the pressure of gas within a patient's mouth or respiratory tract in accordance with any selected pressure input waveform. The medical ventilator comprises an adaptive, feedback controller which provides independent co ...

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An anesthetic vaporizer 1 for use particularly with anesthetic agents having a low boiling point comprises an inlet 2 for carrier gas an an outlet 4 for carrier gas and gaseous anesthetic agents. A first passage 6 extends between the inlet 2 and the outlet 4. A flow restrictor 8 is located within th ...

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An anesthetic vaporizer is disclosed having an inlet for receiving carrier gas and an outlet for delivering carrier gas with an anesthetic agent to a patient. The vaporizer has a passage that extends between the inlet and the outlet, a vaporizing chamber and a passageway extending from the vaporizin ...

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Heat is removed from the blood flow by heat exchange rather than cold-liquid injection; resulting temperature changes are monitored. Flow rate is found from monitored temperature and known parameters related to the amount of heat removed. Preferably heat is removed by pumping cold liquid into a seal ...

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Apparatus for removing small particles from a substrate comprising a source of fluid carbon dioxide, a first means for expanding a portion of the fluid carbon dioxide into a first mixture containing gaseous carbon dioxide and fine droplets of liquid carbon dioxide, coalescing means for converting th ...