Wm Douglas Withers: Rapid entropy coding for data compression or decompression. Pegasus Imaging Corporation, Langen & Langen, October 6, 1998: US05818369 (99 worldwide citation)

A method of manipulating a series of data units comprising distinct data values, including the steps of modelling the occurrence probability of each distinct data value, repeatedly performing the steps of narrowing a manipulation result number into a subinterval determined by the occurrence probabil ...

Burn J Lin: Proximity-dispensing high-throughput low-consumption resist coating device. Langen & Langen P A, November 5, 1996: US05571560 (43 worldwide citation)

A minimal amount of waste in liquid resist material is achieved by dispensing through small openings at close proximity to the substrate. An airtight substrate chamber as well as airtight sealing of dispensing assembly and airtight sealing of the space that does not have to be opened for substrate l ...

Kenneth R Pint, Martin S Taylor, Jagat N Trivedi: Method and apparatus for automatically producing a small block of solid carbon dioxide. Langen & Langen, June 25, 1996: US05528907 (8 worldwide citation)

A new METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY PRODUCING A SMALL BLOCK OF SOLID CARBON DIOXIDE is disclosed and described. The new method and apparatus is comprised of an electrical solenoid operated liquid fill valve, a dry ice block forming chamber having porous walls and/or lining attached to or fo ...

Claudio Carmignani, Ugo Ciurlo, Luciano Maruni, Martin Nimbach, Luca Pinoli: Device for contolling the water pressure and flow in a water supply unit. Langen & Langen P A, April 14, 1998: US05738495 (4 worldwide citation)

A device for constant, automatic regulation of water pressure and flow in a water supply plant, comprising an electric pump fitted in the main water pipe, an adjustable pressure switch connected to the main water pipe, and an electronic control unit, which switches the pump on if the pressure falls ...


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