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For causing a pinprick on a user's skin to obtain a drop of blood, a movable holder which holds a pin, actuated by a spring, is tensioned.

Frank B Schmuck, Anthony J Zlotek, Boaz Shmueli, Benjamin Mandler, Zvi Yosef Yehudai, William A Kish: Parallel file system with method using tokens for locking modes. International Business Machines Corporation, Lynn L Lane Aitken & McCann Augspurger, February 29, 2000: US06032216 (245 worldwide citation)

A computer system having a shared disk file system running on multiple computers each having their own instance of an operating system and being coupled for parallel data sharing access to files residing on network attached shared disks. A metadata node manages file metadata for parallel read and wr ...

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An in-vehicle navigator comprises a map memory unit for memorizing road map data consisting of road data comprised of the combination of nodes and links, and background data such as buildings, a location detection unit for detecting a vehicle location, an initialization unit for inputting a destinat ...

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In an automated prescription dispensing and packing system, empty prescription bottles are labeled and loaded in assigned locations in carriers. Pills are automatically dispensed into the prescription bottles in the carriers. Ranks of carriers containing filled prescription bottles are assembled at ...

Mark S Baum: Prescription drug depiction and labeling system. Medco Containment Services, Lane & Aitken, April 17, 1990: US04918604 (193 worldwide citation)

In a drug labeling and prescription filing system, a multiplicity of files of data are maintained, each file of data representing in color a graphic illustration of a different prescription drug. When a prescription drug is filled, the corresponding file of data is automatically selected and used to ...

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An interface housing which has a fiber spool to store slack in the fiber trunks and a card cage to interface the trunk mounted on the door of the housing. The door is hinged on one side of the housing so that, when the door swings open, the entire card cage and fiber spool are clear of the housing a ...

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A rapid response health care communications system for providing rapid and reliable health services to patients located within or outside a health care facility, such as an acute-care hospital, includes personnel locator for identifying both the type and the location of health care personnel, such a ...

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In a system for controlling the flow of paper work of a multiplicity of documents by a multiplicity of individuals, the documents are stored electronically in the memory of a central data processor and are electronically transmitted to remote processors to be displayed by display devices of terminal ...

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In an optical instrument, a fiber optic probe is provided to irradiate a sample with visible NIR and ultraviolet light. Glass fibers carry the visible and NIR light to the probe from a visible and NIR light source and quartz fibers carry ultraviolet light to the probe from an ultraviolet source. Gla ...

Robert C Ross Jr: Cryptographic communication system. Xante Corporation, Lane Aitken & McCann, September 22, 1998: US05812671 (177 worldwide citation)

In this system parties have network access to a network secure communications gateway which stores the current encryption/decryption algorithms and keys for parties registered with the network secure communications gateway. For party A to send an encrypted message to party B, party A encrypts the me ...