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A method and apparatus for selecting an error correction code rate in a cellular radio system. Each base station broadcasts a power product value, PP, which is its transmit power, P¿BT?, multiplied by its desired receive power, P¿BR?. A mobile unit determines its appropriate transmit power, P¿MT?, b ...

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A method and apparatus for image compression which demonstrably achieves better than 1000-line resolution image compression at high frame rates with high quality. An MPEG-2 data stream is then generated, comprising: (1) a base layer (100), preferably encoded using only MPEG-2 P frames, comprising a ...

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A detachable apparatus for limiting the rate at which a fluid is supplied to a patient by a positive pressure infusion device. The apparatus includes a constrained flow segment (300), coupleable to the infusion device, for delivering fluid to the patient from the infusion device. When the apparatus ...

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For use in a system for retrieval of legal information by data processing systems, methods for matching a case identified in the parsing (210, 212) of a legal text within a database (15-16) of case references (16), and methods for ranking (316) the relevance of cases matching (216) a search query.

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A method for percutaneously fixing and fusing the lumbosacral joint and a guide device for accurate placement of instrumentation to effect the fixation or fusion. The inventive method comprises placement of pins along bony canals leading bilateral of the spine from the pelvis to the S1 pedicles and ...

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A method and apparatus for adaptive bit allocation and hybrid lossless entropy encoding. The system includes three components: (1) a transform stage, (2) a quantization stage, and (3) a lossless entropy coder stage. The transform stage (1) uses a wavelet transform algorithm. The quantization stage ( ...

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A female urethroscope includes a detachable, disposable semi-flexible sheath (101) for insertion into a female's urethra. The sheath is provided with a plurality of channels (102, 104, 106). One of the channels (104) may receive an endoscope for optical examination of an operative site within the ur ...

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A system and method for creating and processing a unified stream of data that includes both temporal and non-temporal data, preferably in a compressed format. A scheduler (602) takes temporal data (e.g. sound data) and non-temporal data (e.g. image data) and interleaves them together to form a unifi ...

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This invention is an apparatus and methods for spectroscopic detection of tissue abnormality, particularly pre-cancerous cervical tissue, using neural networks (1000) to analyze $i(in vivo) measurements of fluorescence spectra. The invention excites fluorescence intensity spectra in both normal and ...

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A system which processes information to identify product choices within a product domain for a user, presents structured data concerning attributes of products in the product domain to the user in a readily understandable and efficient manner, allowing the user to make the best choice according to h ...