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A retaining wall including a forepart with a plurality of support elements arranged on vertically successive levels. At least one of the support elements has a front face covered by a section of flexible envelope material which extends out of bulk material filling a support structure located in the ...

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A bulk material conveying system includes a closed chamber having an inlet and an outlet and a conveyor communicating with the chamber outlet for receiving bulk material from the chamber. A pressurized gas is supplied to the upper portion of the chamber and to the conveyor to provide a pressure diff ...

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A "hot-stick" mountable sensor module for attachment and removable from a live power transmission line. A tool is insertable into a mounted module to attach the module to the tool and permit removal of the module from the line.

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A process of manufacturing an article having high load absorption, durability and wear resistance properties with increased lubricity including mixing particles of polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene, extruding the mixture of polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene particles, reducing the extr ...

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Self contained radio transmitting state estimator modules are mounted on power conductors on both sides of power transformers in electrical substations and on power conductors at various places along electrical transmission lines. They are electrically isolated from ground and all other conductors. ...

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In order that an EGR valve device for internal combustion engines of automobiles can be manufactured in a compact size and at a low cost and also that its valve member can be immediately brought to its valve-closing position whenever the driving motor of the device fails, the EGR valve device compri ...

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An axe is provided with an open cavity in the handle for receiving a removably secured secondary tool. A securing assembly includes a spring biased projecting member extending from the secondary tool passing through a hole in the axe handle. The securing assembly maintains the tool in the axe handle ...

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A drilling derrick assembly is described which provides for the elevation above ground level of the assembly's working floor which supports both the mast and the drawworks. Prior to erection, the elevatable equipment floor is carried on a supporting substructure, and a mast is pivotally connected to ...

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A tool changer for a machine tool having a toolhead assembly including a spindle with a device detachable securing a tool thereto, generally consisting of at least one device for holding a tool detachably securable to the spindle, pivotally connected to the assembly and angularly displaceable in a p ...

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The present invention comprises a two-part sorbent pad having a flat, chemically treated polyethylene foam inner core completely surrounded by a flexible, durable, chemically treated polypropylene fabric cover. In use, the sorbent pad of the present invention floats on top of petroleum covered water ...