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In the disclosed teletext system, the transmitter station broadcasts data cks data from several channels, the data packs being time multiplexed. Each data pack comprises a prefix signal for causing a teletext receiver either to accept the data packs of a selected channel or to reject data packs from ...

Bernard Marti, Alain Poignet, Jean Yves Savary, Roger Brusq: System for digital transmission and text display. Etablissement Public de Diffusion dit Telediffusion de France, Laff Whitesel & Rockman, September 15, 1981: US04290062 (108 worldwide citation)

A system for transmission and display of texts on a television screen enables a display of a magazine made up of several pages. The packets of data relative to one page are transmitted without being multiplexed with the packets from another page of the same magazine. The data of one page begins with ...

Luis M Chacon: Modular furniture. Laff Whitesel & Rockman, February 20, 1979: US04140065 (78 worldwide citation)

A number of relatively wide, preferably wooden panels are shaped and proportioned to cover the entire areas of a back, a seat, or an end of a sofa or chair. The panels have tabs or hooks and mating slots which fit into each other when the panels come together in a proper fit. At that time the parts ...

Mark Kirsch: Planar radioactive seed implanter. Laff Whitesel & Rockman, September 11, 1979: US04167179 (69 worldwide citation)

A new device for inserting radioactive seeds in and around tumor volumes is based upon insertion of a planar array of seeds at fixed depth. The device uses a fixed array of hollow needles with a matching array of trochars. The result achieved using this device is the implantation of a planar array o ...

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A portable wet bar having a removable top which exposes counter space beneath the top. The counter space includes a sink with a source of water and a drain, an ice bucket, and a cutting board. Beneath the counter top are a refrigerator, a water container and a waste receptacle. A single pipe goes to ...

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An elongated preferably plastic handle has a sleeve lock on the tip end. When a twisted wire brush is placed in the handle, there is a guy wire effect from the sleeve which holds the brush firmly in place, as the sleeve stretches slightly over a bent end of the twisted wire of the brush. The inventi ...

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A "varistor" or voltage-dependent nonlinear resistor employs a ceramic base body having a voltage-dependent nonlinearity. First and second lead-out electrode layers are formed on first and second external surfaces, respectively, of the ceramic base body. Within and enclosed by the ceramic base body, ...

Kenneth Miller, Le Roy Dombeck: Removably anchored box. Laff Whitesel & Rockman, February 10, 1981: US04249684 (48 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an easily transportable, general purpose box which may be carried about by hand and then anchored to rails and locked in place. Once the lid is locked on the box, no one without a key can move the box from the anchor rails. The invention is primarily intended as a portable tru ...

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A plurality of magnetic field generating, electrical coils are preferably arranged in a circle, in one embodiment. Digitally controlled, recurring switching pulses are generated for sequentially defining a plurality of discrete time periods. During each of these time periods, a separate magnetic fie ...

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A smoking system is provided to hold a smoking pipe and smoking material in a compact container and provide a quick and efficient method to fill the pipe with the smoking material.