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A multi-purpose surgical instrument for subcutaneous use is described. The instrument includes a generally hollow inner tube which is provided at a probing free end with a crochet-type hook. The other end, or hand-held end, is fixedly joined to a finger grip. An inner clamping rod is slideably mount ...

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A linear interpolating method and apparatus for color signals in a memory of a picture reproducing machine, wherein the stored signals are addressed in a three-dimensional fashion and a cubic interpolation unit in the memory is dissected into tetrahedra. It is determined which of these tetrahedra co ...

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A method for constructing strains which produce aminoacids comprising combining of a DNA chromosome fragment of a donor microorganism containing genes controlling the synthesis of a selected aminoacid and having a mutation destroying the negative regulation of the synthesis of this aminoacid with a ...

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Disclosure is made of an inductor for magnetic pulse working of tubular metal articles, wherein the coil is composed of flat conductors insulated from one another and manufactured in the form of at least a sector portion of an annular disc helically bent at a pitch that ensures a displacement of a c ...

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An adjustable cutting machine having a pivoted frame and means for adjusting and locking the angular position of the frame for cutting sheet material at a desired angle.

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An apparatus for treating rock surrounding a wellbore comprises a hollow elongated housing having nozzles radially mounted therein, which are projectable externally thereof. Each nozzle has a through passage communicating with the internal space of the housing to pass the flow of a fluid with an abr ...

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A surgical apparatus for suturing vessels with metal staples comprising an anvil part having two hinged halves, forming, when joined together, a working head at the end, with a through hole for the passage of the vessel to be sutured, and a bell mouth for the vessel spreading, and a staple part. The ...

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An improved medical device container and method of manufacture thereof, wherein the container is adapted to be opened manually and dispense the contents onto a sterile field without the need of manual contact. The container is a thermally formed blister package and features a tray having at least on ...

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A laser therapy apparatus comprising a radiating source, a control system of said radiating source, which system is connected to said source, a mechanical beam shifting scanner connected to said radiating source, a unit for processing and storing information on a program of exposing biological objec ...