Edward L McGuire, Mario A Lecce: Forward X-ray generation. Leyendecker & Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, January 31, 2006: US06993115 (41 worldwide citation)

X-ray generator devices and methods for operating the same that utilizes anodes comprising thin cylinders to generate characteristic X-ray spectra, which emerges from the cylinders axially, as an intense beam.

Fredrick D Wucherpfennig, David J Boyer: Personal mobility vehicle incorporating tilting and swiveling seat and method for use while playing golf. Solorider, Kurt Leyendecker, Leyendecker Law Offices, June 17, 2003: US06578854 (32 worldwide citation)

A personal mobility vehicle for use by disabled persons to perform certain tasks such as playing golf is described. The mobility vehicle which in one embodiment comprises a golf cart includes a seat assembly that can be (i) swiveled to permit the rider to face sideways of rearwardly and (ii) tilted ...

Todd R Dierking, William W Dierking: Garage door remote monitoring and actuating system. Leyendecker and Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, January 24, 2006: US06989760 (31 worldwide citation)

A system typically comprising a garage module that is coupled with a garage door opener and a remote module is disclosed. The remote module and the garage module are coupled for communication therebetween through an AC power grid of an associated building. The remote module includes an indicator tha ...

Lennart E Lundgren: Hat including active ventilation. Leyendecker and Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, December 5, 2006: US07143451 (28 worldwide citation)

A hat including an encased fan unit and an array of solar cells is described. In a preferred embodiment the fan unit is a low profile fan unit having a total thickness of less than 15 mm. The fan is typically located on the back of the hat's body providing airflow over the head and through the hair ...

Gregory C Schroll, Kenneth R Schroll: Internal means for rotating an object between gravitationally stable states. Leyendecker & Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, March 18, 2014: US08672062 (27 worldwide citation)

A vehicle incorporating a plurality of control motion gyroscopes (CMTs) contained within a support structure is described. Optionally, a mass shifting mechanism may also be incorporated in the vehicle. The vehicle and its CMTs are configured to have a plurality of gravitationally stable states on a ...

Calvin Wade Wohlert: Roof top air conditioning units having a centralized refrigeration system. Leyendecker & Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, January 15, 2013: US08353175 (19 worldwide citation)

A system comprising a plurality of rooftop HVAC units having a centralized refrigeration unit is described along with a method for retrofitting existing independent HVAC units into the described system. The resulting multi-unit system offers increased efficiency and reliability over independently op ...

Dennis Gun Lee: Foldable pillow. Kurt Leyendecker, Leyendecker Lemire & Daley, May 24, 2005: US06895619 (17 worldwide citation)

A pillow that can be folded or rolled into a plurality of configurations is described. Preferred embodiments of the pillow typically comprise an elongated viscoelastic foam pad that can be evenly folding into half, thirds or quarters to create a formed pillow of varying thicknesses. Additional confi ...

Sonsarae Vetromila: Craft board assembly and method of use. Leyendecker and Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, December 16, 2008: US07464480 (16 worldwide citation)

A craft board assembly is described. Embodiments of the craft board comprise a base having a self healing mat coupled thereto. A square frame rule is provided that defines an interior work area having predetermined dimensions. A piece of paper, such as a scrapbook page, that is the same size as work ...

Mark Menter: Folding knife with opening and closing actuator. Leyendecker and Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, February 27, 2007: US07181849 (14 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment of the present invention a laterally folding knife is described incorporating an actuator mechanism permitting the knife blade to be moved from open and closed positions without the need for a user to touch the blade. Further, the folding knife can be quickly opened or closed using ...

Keith Gilstrap, Doug Golenz: Handlebar/stem mounted bicycle wheel holding device. Leyendecker & Lemire, Kurt Leyendecker, February 21, 2006: US07000811 (14 worldwide citation)

A wheel holding device for attaching to one or both a handlebar or a stem of a bicycle is described. In one embodiment, the device holds and secures the front wheel of a bicycle that has been removed from the bicycle's front fork for use when transporting the bicycle on a rooftop carrier of an autom ...