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A composite hollow fiber type separation membrane which has three layers comprising a selective separation layer, an ultra-microporous layer and a porous layer, said selective separation layer, said ultra-microporous layer, said porous layer being arranged in said order commencing from the inner sur ...

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A handle body is provided with a bipod support which includes a tube pivotable into and out of the body and locked in an adjusted position. The tube contains a pair of retractable legs which when extended, aid in support of a camera connected to the handle body.

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An adhesion preventive for preventing adhesion between vital tissues is provided. The present adhesion preventive is a molded material consisting essentially of a biodegradable and absorbable polymer. It has an advantage of requiring no reoperation for its removal since it would be degraded and abso ...

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A monitoring device for use with a loop circuit including a plurality of lights, which includes a monitoring current transformer having a magnetic core with a primary circuit connected in series with the loop and a secondary circuit coupled to the primary circuit, the primary circuit being arranged ...

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There is provided a laminate structure comprising (A) a layer of saponified product of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and (B) a layer of hydrophobic thermoplastic resin, with (C) a bonding interlayer placed therebetween which comprises a composition of (X) a polymer of ethylene-acrylate ester-ethy ...

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A quick release mount for securing an aiming device such as a laser on the barrel of a rifle includes a forward and rear mount shiftably mounted on a base plate to which the aiming device is permanently secured. The forward mount includes a spring-loaded slide member slideably mounted on the base pl ...

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There is provided a fabric made of sheath-core type composite fibers in which the core is made of an elastomer (A) and occurs in a fineness of not less than 0.15 denier per core piece and the sheath is either made of sea-island phase whose island component is a nonelastic, fiber-forming polymer (B) ...

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An entangled fibrous mat comprising an elastic polymer fiber A and a nonelastic polymer fiber B, said fiber A having voids therein and being in a taut condition within the mat; while said fiber B is in a slack condition and is highly elastic and flexible, rich in fullness, and firm-bodied, thus bein ...

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A desk supported telephone set is provided with a case attached to an inclined base adapted to be seated on a horizontal surface to tilt the case and a telephone receiver mounted thereon towards the user. The same case may be mounted on a substantially vertical wall surface by removing the base from ...

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A method for treating blood uses a tubular body fluid passageway member at least part of which is made of a flexible material, an outer tubular member which is made of a nonflexible material and contains said tubular body fluid passageway member hermetically enclosed therein, a pressure detecting me ...