Li Yongshi, Li Guangying: Multicomponent copolymer iron chloride water-cleaning agent and its preparation method. Li Yongshi, kong jinman, September 24, 2003: CN02109276 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a multicomponent copolymerized ferric chloride water-cleaning agent and its preparation method. It is formed from the micropolymerized ferric chloride made up by using (wt%) 25-40% of iron powder containing above 90% of ferric iron, 7-20% of water, 1-18% of sodium hydr ...

Zhao Li, Chen Xiuge: Fermenting liquid for preparing clostridiopeptidase a. Weibang Biological Pharmaceutical, Liaoning Prov, kong jinman, February 4, 2004: CN02125878 (1 worldwide citation)

A fermenting liquid for preparing collagenase contains peptone (3-7 wt%), yeast cream (0.5-1.2), gelatin (1-3) and water (rest). Its advantages are no flating substance, easy dissolving, high fermenting effect and high output rate increased by 3-5%.


Zhang Qing: Special flavour pork elbow and manufacturing method thereof. Zhang Qing, kong jinman, July 29, 1998: CN97101738

A done pork food with unique taste is made up of the upper part of a leg of pork and pickling liquid through treating raw upper part of a leg of pork, injecting the pickling liquid into the pork, rolling and cooking, and features consistent unique taste from inside of pork to its surface, retaining ...


Luo Hongguang: Integral double-layer hotpot with burning support. Luo Hongguang, kong jinman, August 2, 2006: CN200610007555

The present invention belongs to the field of cooking utensil, and is especially one integral double-layer hotpot with burning support. The double-layer hotpot includes a hotpot body, a fuel supporting board and an inside cavity. It features the hotpot body including an upper hotpot body and a lower ...

Sun Hui, Li Huijuan: Reinforced fiber magnesium composite material cushion block and its production method. Sun Tao, kong jinman wang changqian, July 19, 2006: CN200610045661

The invention discloses a reinforced fiber magnesium composite material chock and making method, which consists of outside sandwich reinforced wood coating two sides of surface and inner-layer with fiber magnesium composite material, wherein the fiber magnesium composite material contains over 80 pe ...

Wang Qiu, Zu Dongguang, Yang Guoli, Qi Qinke, Zhang Yongnian: Platform circulating fan dedicated for bell furnace. Wang Qiu, kong jinman, July 12, 2006: CN200610045667

The invention relates to a cover furnace special table circulating fan, belonging to the cover anneal furnace device, which comprises a motor, a blade wheel of fan mounted on the upper end of main axle of motor; and the blades mounted on the blade wheel. Wherein, the motor comprises a sealing case, ...

Wu Erning: Intelligent control system of ultra-audio infrared electromagnetic induction heater. Wu Erning, kong jinman, September 27, 2006: CN200610046416

This invention relates to an intelligent control system of ultra-audio infrared electromagnetic induction heater. Wherein, setting all programs on waiting state, selecting the automatic mode for program set; according to the initial room temperature and required temperature, setting all of the short ...

Cao Quanyou, Han Peng: New type 20 roller mill. Cao Quanyou, kong jinman qiao liyan, December 6, 2006: CN200610046656

A novel 20-roller rolling mill is composed of integral rectangular machine frame, a roller box unit consisting of upper and lower roller boxes with rectangular saddle and lock unit, a dual-wedge regulator for said lower roller box and comprising swinging cylinder, swinging arm, connecting rod and we ...