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A hitch for coupling a goose-neck trailer to a towing vehicle (e.g., a pick-up truck) comprising a shoe carried by the goose-neck portion of the trailer and adapted for limited rotation relative to the trailer about any axis, and means mounted on the bed of the pick-up truck for receiving the shoe i ...

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Apparatus for continuously forming honeycomb material of predetermined width dimensions. Feed rolls are provided for continuously feeding open cell honeycomb material with its cells expanded to a preselected degree so that the honeycomb material has a predetermined width. Intermittently operable dri ...

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Apparatus for supplying electrical power to d.c. loads such as lights, pumps and the like in a recreational vehicle. A converter is connected to an a.c. power source external to the vehicle to convert a.c. power therefrom to d.c. power and to supply the d.c. power produced to the loads. The converte ...

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A radio-frequency coupler comprising a first terminal for interconnection with a conventional automobile receiving antenna used for receiving rf transmissions within a first radio-frequency band, a second terminal for interconnection with a receiver operating within the first radio-frequency band an ...

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A scissors-type jack for a vehicle lift comprises a base, a scissors linkage above the base and a platform on the scissors linkage adapted to be raised to various elevations by upward extension of the linkage from the base. The linkage is adapted to be so extended by air cylinder actuated follower r ...

William Lee Smith: Pad and garment assembly. A T O, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, May 24, 1977: US04024584 (16 worldwide citation)

A pad and garment assembly comprising a pad adapted to be worn on the wearer's body in conjunction with a garment. The pad has a pair of laterally extending ears and the garment has means for receiving the ears detachably to secure the pad to the garment.

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A tent comprising a bay extending from front to rear and wings extending laterally outwardly from opposite sides thereof, each wing having a front wall and a back wall, each wall of each wing comprising an outside screen and an inside closure flap adapted to be closed on the inside of the screen or ...

James T Schuller: Article-dispensing apparatus. UMC, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, June 28, 1977: US04032039 (16 worldwide citation)

A vendor comprising a cabinet having a first and a second bank of article dispensers therein, each bank comprising a plurality of dispensers located one above another, each dispenser being adapted to feed articles toward one end of the dispenser and discharge the leading article to drop by gravity, ...

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Apparatus for fabricating wood trusses of the type having lower chord members, upper chord members and web members extending from the lower chord members to the upper chord members. The apparatus comprises two presses each having an upper and a lower platen which are relatively movable toward and aw ...

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A portable device for use in playing step-ball or the like comprising a plurality of steps arranged in a flight, each step having a front face and a top face which a ball may strike. First and second panels form side enclosures for the flight of steps and a removable front panel encloses the front o ...