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A glass bottle having a body and a neck with a peripheral shoulder at the upper end of the body, and a paper jacket covering the bottle extending from above the shoulder at least to the heel of the bottle (where the wall of the body of the bottle merges with the bottom of the bottle) and covering th ...

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A solar collector comprising a trough, a solar radiation transmitting cover overlying the trough with one end of the trough constituting an inlet end, with the other end of the trough constituting an outlet end, and with air flowing through the trough from the inlet to the outlet end thereof general ...

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An improved composition suitable for tagging with technetium-99m and use in lung scanning procedures consists essentially of an injectable suspension in buffer solution of particles of a denatured macroprotein having divalent tin bound thereto. The macroprotein has a molecular weight of at least abo ...

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A vendor for hot and cold beverages having a hot water tank for supplying hot water for hot beverages (e.g., coffee, tea, soup, chocolate), an electrical heater for heating water in the tank, a carbonator for supplying carbonated water for cold carbonated beverages, a water pump for pumping water to ...

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Molding thermoformable textile fabric (knit, woven or otherwise), and particularly stretch fabric, into a permanent three-dimensional shape by vacuum-molding in a cavity in a vacuum mold, wherein flow of air through the fabric is blocked to enable it to be vacuum-formed by means of a layer of substa ...

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Packaging apparatus for packaging units in flexible sheet material with the units spaced longitudinally in a tube formed of a web of the material and with the tube sealed together between successive units. The apparatus includes a rotary sealing wheel carrying a series of sealing assemblies for seal ...

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A shoulder pad for football players comprising a chestplate portion, a backplate portion and a pair of arches integrally connecting the plate portions, the arches being laterally spaced to provide an opening for the neck of the wearer with the spacing such that the arches lie adjacent and relatively ...

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A rotary dynamoelectric machine having a generally annular polyphase stator with a predetermined number of wound poles and an induction rotor. The rotor has a cylindrical laminated ferromagnetic core positioned within the stator for rotation about a central axis thereof when the stator is energized ...

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Methods of and apparatus for shrink packaging articles in a heat-sealable, heat-shrinkable plastic film wrapper, in which the wrapper is heated for heat-sealing and heat-shrinking purposes, and portions of the wrapper are folded as well as being heat-sealed by blowing heated air thereon.

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A photographic printing apparatus, particularly for exposing lithographic plates to light through films, having a table on which a film may be assembled with a plate in registration therewith, the plate/film assembly then being fed to and gripped by a conveyor, which conveys it to a position within ...