Robert C Geschwender: Mastic composition and composite structural panels formed therefrom. Lancaster Research and Development Corporation, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, February 28, 1978: US04076880 (23 worldwide citation)

A mastic composition formed of a substantially homogeneous imporous mixture of a predetermined volume of low-density expanded closed-cell synthetic resin beads and a slurry prepared from calcined gypsum and water wherein the interstitial volume of the expanded beads is not substantially less than th ...

Capper Keith C: Combination book holder and book stand. Aquarian Age Inventor, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, May 28, 1974: US3813075 (23 worldwide citation)

A combination book holder and book stand for use with a conventional, hard cover or soft cover book. The book holder has a hollow handle which may be removably clipped onto the end portions of the spine or the cover of books of various sizes and a support engageable with the front and back covers of ...

Geschwender Robert C: Lightweight foldable furniture piece and method of constructing same. Lancaster Research and Development Corporation, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, February 18, 1975: US3866550 (23 worldwide citation)

A foldable table, stand, bar or like piece of domestic furniture is disclosed which is constructed of a composite sheet material or a panel of easily fabricated material. The furniture piece is provided in ready-to-assemble kit form, and includes a top member and a foldable leg member. Joints are in ...

J Harley Modesette: Air deflector. Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, December 20, 1977: US04063773 (23 worldwide citation)

An air deflector for deflecting airborne particles, such as dust, rain, insects, road spray and the like, clear of the windshield of a vehicle comprising a member of channel-shaped in cross section having a substantially planar web and side portions. The member is adapted to be mounted in inverted p ...

John M Kennedy, William R Kennedy: Door frame and door assembly for a mine stopping. Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, October 10, 1978: US04118894 (23 worldwide citation)

A door frame and door assembly for a doorway in a mine stopping in which the door is hinged to the top of the door frame, and hangs down at an angle from the top of the frame when closed with sealing surfaces of the door at the top, bottom and sides of the door in face-to-face engagement with forwar ...

Jose Miguel Antonio Rosario Navato: Contact fever thermometer. Lake St Louis Research Products, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, June 21, 1977: US04030482 (22 worldwide citation)

A contact fever thermometer adapted to be applied to a patient's skin to visually indicate the patient's temperature comprising a substantially rigid substrate having adhesive applied to one face thereof for adhering the substrate to the skin. The substrate is so sized that when the rigid substrate ...

Eugene H Wolske: Method of and apparatus for wrapping a load in a wrapper of stretchable material. Bemis Company, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, June 8, 1976: US03961459 (22 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for wrapping palletized loads, utilizing an open-mouth bag of a stretchable plastic film as the wrapper, involving opening the bag and stretching it, bringing the bottom of the bag into engagement with the top of the palletized load, and moving the bag downward to evert it ...

Joseph L Krechel, Michael J Purvis: Air chuck. Control Devices Incorported, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, May 9, 1978: US04088147 (22 worldwide citation)

An air chuck molded of synthetic resin material having a body with bores therein for the flow of air through the body. A check valve is provided in one of the bores and an end cap is threaded into this one bore to maintain the check valve in its desired position within the bore. This one bore has in ...

Portmann Albert Lee: Electric heater with add-on leads. Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, October 1, 1974: US3839623 (21 worldwide citation)

An electric heater comprising a heater body including a sheath, a heating element within the sheath and at least one terminal extending from one end of the sheath. The heater further comprises an add-on (e.g., a flexible or a solid wire lead) lead secured to the terminal exteriorly of the heater bod ...

Robert Roger Cantwell, Harold J Pohl: Inflatable boat. Kellwood Company, Koenig Senniger Powers and Leavitt, February 3, 1976: US03935607 (21 worldwide citation)

An inflatable boat comprising inner inflatable tubes in an outer tube, the inner tubes and the outer tube being fabricated from flat sheet stock by a method involving stitching a bottom seam of the outer tube with the outer tube in place on the inflated inner tubes.