Norman A Grant: Process for producing methanol. Aminoil USA, Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, July 7, 1981: US04277416 (240 worldwide citation)

A system for processing coal to produce methanol, alcohol-slurry coal for transport, electric power and urea. Raw coal is graded. The downgraded fraction is gasified, producing steam and synthesis gas. The synthesis gas is converted to methanol which is then used to slurry upgraded coal for transpor ...

Marian I Ionescu, Bruce E Fettel: Prosthetic tissue heart valve. Shiley Laboratories Incorporated, Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, April 18, 1978: US04084268 (194 worldwide citation)

A tissue heart valve has a cloth-covered stent which provides several layers of padding over the stent edges and an integral sewing ring while maximizing the internal valve diameter for a given size heart annulus. No edges of the cloth are exposed. A continuation of the pledget covers all knots of t ...

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A vehicle location system having a plurality of stationary wayside stations positioned at predetermined geographical locations. The passage of a vehicle near a station references the location of the vehicle at that point in time and automatically supplies the remote headquarters with updated informa ...

David A Fischer: External fixation device. Ace Orthopedic Manufacturing, Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, January 5, 1982: US04308863 (144 worldwide citation)

An improved external fixation device is disclosed composed of a pair of arcuate frame segments and multiple adjustment rods and pin holders, which cooperate with one another as well as plural pins extending through the soft tissue and bone of a patient to rigidly immobilize a bone fracture and permi ...

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A cannula for insertion into a body cavity, duct, or vessel of a patient includes a parent cannula member and an integral radiopaque tip. The tip is configured so as to be distinguishable from internal body parts in an X ray or flouroscopic image, thus serving to precisely locate the position of the ...

Chester Savage: Container for holding and dispensing fluid. Scholle Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, March 8, 1983: US04375864 (120 worldwide citation)

A container for holding and dispensing fluid has a flexible bag to which a spout is connected. A specially designed adapter within the spout has an opening sealed by a plug. A tubular probe is inserted into the adapter opening and snapped onto the plug. The connected probe and plug are pushed into t ...

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This invention relates to improvements in a tri-cuspid tissue prosthetic heart valve having a valve body with sewing holes provided at each interval between the cusps of the valve, which improvements are realized by the formation of the tissue from three pieces joined together at seams disposed alon ...

James A Cochran Jr: Sequential flashing device for personal ornamentation. Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, March 3, 1981: US04254451 (111 worldwide citation)

An electronic circuit comprised of several integrated circuits sequentially actuates a plurality of light-emitting diodes (LED's) located in an article such as eyeglass frames, which are carried or worn by a person. In one embodiment, an oscillator driven binary up-down counter drives first and seco ...

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A solid phase assay which specifically detects C-fixing ICs by reacting ICs or aggregated gammaglobulin in normal serum with matrix-bound F(ab')2 anti-C3 and measuring the amount of Ig by radioimmunoassay or enzyme-linking techniques, and means for carrying out the assay are disclosed.

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A stand for a small, portable device which requires visual observation includes a base section, adapted to sitting on a support surface, connected through an adjustable friction swivel joint to a support member on which the portable device rests. A lock is provided for locking the portable device to ...