Ramin Rostami: Handheld device protective case. Marshall A Lerner, Jonathan Pearce, Kleinberg & Lerner, March 11, 2008: US07343184 (121 worldwide citation)

A protective cover for handheld devices. The protective cover containing a hardened plastic protective inner layer and a soft outer layer. The protective cover containing at least one cavity for mounting the associated segment of the handheld device therein and at least one fitted notch to secure th ...

Paul M Tsou: Method and apparatus for endoscopic spinal surgery. Kleinberg & Lerner, February 8, 2005: US06851430 (107 worldwide citation)

A method of performing percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic lumbar surgery on a patient, includes the steps of creating an opening in the patient's skin, passing at least one tubular cannula through the opening so as to create a soft tissue tunnel, placing a semi-tubular spreader over the at least ...

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An optical module for edge lit display signs utilizes energy efficient miniature cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Lampholders that mechanically and electrically couple the lamps include resilient sockets and clamps shaped to engage the outer surface of the resilient sockets. A preferred optical modul ...

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For use in a sole, insole, or heel portion of a footwear article, a footpad is described, having an upper surface on which are disposed a plurality of resilient lugs. The top surfaces of the lugs define a foot supporting surface wherein mutually parallel, spaced-apart edges of adjacent lugs define a ...

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An on-line payment system comprises a computer system which can maintain accounts in a database for a plurality of users. The system is enrolled as a payee in a bill payment system so that users can transfer funds from their bank accounts to electronic cash accounts in the system by making a bill pa ...

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A digital address filter is provided which converts straight-line and arc analog stroke data into digitized images which comply with Bresenham raster display criteria and can be displayed on a raster scanned monitor or LCD. Data collected over a preselected (M pixel.times.M pixel) spatial window are ...

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An improved recessed lighting fixture allowing illumination from a lighting unit placed within a cavity of a planar surface, such as a ceiling or wall. The invention facilitates the ability to properly aim illumination because the user can aim the fixture while it is in place and illuminated. The in ...

Michael H Kalmanash: Integrated dual mode flat backlight. Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics Coporation, Marvin H Kleinberg & Lerner Kleinberg Esq, November 9, 1999: US05982090 (22 worldwide citation)

An integrated dual day night backlight includes a flat channel light source with an auxiliary night light source suitably filtered to remove infrared components from the illumination. In alternative embodiments, the night light can be a separate bulb or it can be separate light channels within the f ...

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A shoe having a toe region, a middle region, a heel region, and a multi-layer, multi-density midsole wherein an upper layer of the midsole has a bottom surface that has a longitudinal convexity and a longitudinal concavity, the longitudinal convexity typically occupying a substantial portion of the ...

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A portable, atmospheric dehydrator and water condenser for dehydrating fruits and vegetables while producing pure atmospheric condensation from humidity found in the air and purifying the water for dispensing and drinking purposes.