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An automatic controlling device for continuous casting molds, comprising moving means linked, respectively, to the opposing short sides of the mold for continuous casting and an electric actuator means linked to said moving means. There is further provided a short side position setting means, a dete ...

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An apparatus for drying fluent materials with an approximately horizontally arranged cylindrical conduit as well as a rotor rotating internally of such conduit. The rotor supports vane-like elements operatively associated with the inner wall of the conduit. The rotor carries a number of such element ...

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An apparatus for surface aeration and circulation of liquids, comprising a tank for containing a body of liquid. An aeration rotor is positioned at least partially submerged in the body of liquid in the tank. This rotor rotates about a substantially vertical axis and includes a shaft position on the ...

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An artificial plastic joint socket comprising a plastic joint socket body having a segmented spherical-shaped outer surface equipped with recesses for growth therein of the bone. Two essentially parallel plugs protrude from the outer surface of the joint socket body and are elastically connected the ...

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A method of handling and replacing pouring tubes used for pouring molten metal from a supply vessel into a mold of a continuous casting machine wherein a pouring tube is positioned beneath and in alignment with an outlet of the supply vessel and beneath the surface of a pool of metal in the mold for ...

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Means for use in conjunction with the carburetor of an internal combustion engine wherein, for improving the mixture of air and fuel, an atomizer sleeve is arranged in a suction channel directly behind the throttle valve. The atomizer sleeve is provided with guide elements possessing approximately r ...

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An apparatus for cleaning a rotating brush, especially at a textile machine, comprising a movable cleaning comb in operable engagement with the brush and a stripper operatively associated with the cleaning comb and movable relative thereto. Drive means serve to produce the movements between the clea ...

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An envelope filling machine comprising an insertion device including a unit for positioning the letter contents before the insertion procedure, the positioning unit being designed as an insertion pocket closed at one end.

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A method of, and apparatus for, cooling a continuously cast strand, particularly a steel strand, in a secondary cooling zone of a continuous casting plant wherein a spray nozzle disposed at the region of at least two consecutively spaced guiding means produces a spray pattern of liquid coolant, typi ...

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An apparatus for operating a multiple-roll machine, especially a multiple-roll withdrawing machine or a multiple-roll combination withdrawing and straightening machine in a continuous steel casting plant. There are provided cooperating pairs of rolls, at least one of which constitutes a driven roll, ...