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A removable, pressure-adjustable, shock-absorbing cushion device for sports goods, comprising a cover and an air cushion enveloped in the cover. The cushion is a hollow flat bag having upper and lower sheets adhered to each other at round recesses or linear recesses, either alone or in combination. ...

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A sensor device for the analysis of a sample fluid comprises a substrate in a surface of which an elongate channel is micromachined. The channel contains a material, such as a starch, agarose, alginate, carrageenin or polyacrylic polymer gel, with a biological material for causing separation of the ...

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The apparatus for measuring the comparative output power of each cylinder of a multi-cylinder engine comprises a digital signal processor 1 and a phase locked loop detector 2. By inputting instantaneous current measurements from (e.g.) a current transformer attached to an alternator output of an eng ...

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A mixer system for a direct conversion receiver, the receiver including an RF input path which is divided into I and Q paths for demodulating from the RF signals I and Q signals in phase quadrature with one another, the mixer system including first and second serially coupled mixer means in the I pa ...

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A radio telemetry system for collecting the readings of consumer's electricity consumption meters includes a master station (1) carried by a vehicle (1) and a plurality of transponders (3), each of which holds an electrical quantity indicative of an amount of electrical power consumed as measured by ...

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There is disclosed two helmet systems, each comprising a helmet (11) and, carried by the helmet (11), an optical arrangement (13). In each system, the optical arrangement (13) both provides a collimated display superimposed on the helmet wearer's view of the forward scene through an eyepiece (15 or ...

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A narrow-bodied single-and twin-windowed hand-held, laser scanning head for reading bar code symbols includes at least one window mounted at the rear region of the head, and through which either the incident beam going to the symbol and/or the reflected beam returning from the symbol, passes unobstr ...

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An exponentially tapered slot (Vivaldi) antenna for producing an end-fire beam. The antenna features a novel balun for coupling with a feed line. The conventional Vivaldi antenna is fed by means of a stripline section (1) underlying the ground plane (5) and lying perpendicular to the axis of the slo ...

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A multidirectional scan pattern is generated by two mirrors, each inclined at a tilt angle and rotated about an axis at an angular speed. The size and shape of the pattern are controlled by adjusting the tilt angles and the angular speeds.

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A method of inducing anesthesia or conscious sedation while avoiding serious hypotensive episodes comprising the administration of a parenterally active benzodiazpine in conjunction with an opiate analgesic followed by the parenteral administation of from about 1 to about 3 mg of a long-acting pure ...