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Data integrity is increased on mass-storage devices through a scheme whereby, a frame-based cyclic redundancy code (CRC) for each sector is recorded. A frame-based CRC is generated from the CRCs of the frames that compose a sector of data. In recording data, a CRC is generated from each frame, later ...

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The invention relates to apparatus and method that provide an improved media codeword and which can distinguish an uncorrectable data error from a wrong block address error and permit the address to be recovered from readback data. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, method for gener ...

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A fiber-channel loop interface circuit that includes a dedicated transmit-frame buffer for loop initialization and responses (“responses” are non-data frames sent in response to commands or inquiries from other nodes). Having a dedicated transmit-frame buffer allows one port of a dual-port node to b ...

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A method is disclosed for detecting defects in a recordable medium such as a hard disc drive based on error energy. The method may include the steps of writing test data to the medium and reading back the test data. The method may also include the steps of computing an error energy based on the squa ...

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A business software framework includes an application framework that has a process model. The process model provides desired services to the business components. The process model arranges operations into activities. The process model can also use an agent/service arrangement.

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A data storage device including a storing medium to shingle write and a controller to access the storing medium so that data is sequentially written on the storing medium using a mapping table based on Logical Block Address (LBA) included in a write command.

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