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Bipolar coagulation forceps in which the forceps coagulate both the fallopian tube and the adjacent mesoslpinx.

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A method of controlling the simultaneous broadcast of enciphered digital information signals, for example in a radio or television broadcast environment, to a plurality of subscribers provides several levels of enciphering keys. The broadcast digital information signal is in a broadcast common servi ...

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A method of manufacturing a composite article including a hollow body having a decorative metal plate attached thereto. The method includes the forming of a decorative metal plate and the attachment of the plate to a hollow body. The method can be best described by its application to the manufacture ...

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A cable television converter includes an oscillator and mixer for conversion of a selected input television channel to the specific output frequency of the converter. There is a program selection device, and a memory responsive thereto whereby a subscriber may designate certain channels for conversi ...

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Electrical power sources and systems for heating in or adjacent to an oil well or other mineral well, or for heating other earth media, each comprising an A.C. heating generator that generates an A.C. heating current at a selected heating frequency substantially different from the conventional 50/60 ...

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An applicator for a spring-biased surgical clip, including a pair of independently moveable push rods of which one is moveable distally against a first spring bias while both are moveable proximally against a second spring bias.

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A vehicle primarily for unmanned operation is equipped with a video camera pointed up, and progressively records in an on-board computer memory the observed locations of points derived from overhead features such as pre-existing overhead lights in a building during a manually driven teaching mode tr ...

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A single pole coagulation forceps comprising jaw elements operated by a traction rod passing through an externally insulated electrically conductive guide barrel, the jaw elements being electrically connected to said barrel and the traction rod comprising two parts which are insulatingly interconnec ...

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Apparatus for television audience analysis comprising means for monitoring a television receiver, means responsive to a monitored signal for storing information representative of channel identification and of the time at which a channel is selected and at which the selection of a channel is terminat ...

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Endoscope equipped both with an observation optic and a Laser beam, including a deflectable reflector enabling the laser beam to scan the body tissue and a focus enabling the laser beam focal plane to be varied depth-wise in the body tissue.