Michael Straub
Elango Pakriswamy, Jong K Kim, Michael P Straub: High bandwidth low noise cross-coupled amplifier. Lucent Technologies, Kinney & Lange Pa, July 18, 2002: US20020093752-A1

A differential amplifier circuit for amplifying an input signal and for providing an output signal representative of the input signal includes first and second amplifier circuits, and first and second coupling circuits. The first and second amplifier circuits each include first and second transistor ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen Diederichs: High pressure magnetic flowmeter with stress resistant electrode assembly. Rosemount, Kinney & Lange Pa, February 4, 2010: US20100024568-A1

An electrode assembly comprises a housing, an electrode, a retainer and a potting material. The housing has a first end and a second end, with the electrode extending from the first end of the housing to a process flow. The retainer is positioned about the electrode, inside the housing. The potting ...

Timothy J Bloch, Thomas L Dietsche, Richard D Rubenstein: System and method for deploying and implementing software applications over a distributed network. Jargon Software, Kinney & Lange PA, July 17, 2007: US07246351 (73 worldwide citation)

A system for deploying applications over a distributed network to web-enabled devices uses a server, with stored text files containing application logic, and an application assembler. The application assembler downloads and installs on each web-enabled device. Then, the application assembler downloa ...

Mallika Roy, Kaizhong Gao, Insik Jin, William Bruce Fitzpatrick, Housan S Dakroub, Sining Mao, Song S Xue, Jeffrey Howard Lake, Dadi Setiadi: Magnetic recording device including a thermal proximity sensor. Seagate Technology, Kinney & Lange PA, September 15, 2009: US07589928 (36 worldwide citation)

A system includes a magnetic device for writing to and reading from a magnetic medium and a sensor disposed adjacent to the magnetic device and proximate to the magnetic medium. The sensor generates signals related to thermal variations in the sensor caused by changes in a distance between the magne ...

Haifeng Hu, Yucheng Wu, Shangmin Sun, Zhiqiang Chen, Guang Yang, Zhengyu Bai, Rongxuan Liu, Hongliang Yang, Jianjun Su, Jiantao Wang, Yanjun Han, Bin Hu, Quanwei Song, Nan Jiang, Hua Peng, Jianmin Li, Wanquan Shen, Zhizhong Liang: Combined mobile container inspection system with low target. Nuctech Company, Tsinghua University, Kinney & Lange PA, April 1, 2008: US07352843 (35 worldwide citation)

A combined mobile container inspection system, comprising: a radiation source; a chassis; a rotatable deck provided at an end of the upper surface of said chassis and rotatable with respect to said chassis, provided with a parallelogram bracket formed by a hingedly-connected four-bar linkage mechani ...

Taras G Pokhil, Victor B Sapozhnikov, Andrzej A Stankiewicz, Janusz J Nowak: High frequency assisted writing. Seagate Technology, Kinney & Lange PA, August 14, 2007: US07256955 (34 worldwide citation)

Data is written to a magnetic media, by applying a magnetic write field to the magnetic media with a write pole, in conjunction with a high frequency magnetic field, to the magnetic media to assist writing to the magnetic media. The high frequency magnetic field is generated by applying a specific w ...

Philip R Woods: Method of measuring the read-to-write offset in a disc drive having separate read and write elements. Seagate Technology, Kinney & Lange PA, May 9, 2000: US06061201 (28 worldwide citation)

A method of measuring the read-to-write offset of a track in a disc drive system having separate read and write elements measures the amplitude of a test signal across the width if a track. A test pattern is written to the track at a predetermined actuator offset, which will typically be zero. Next, ...

Paul D Salmon: Trim tab control. Johnson Outdoors, Kinney & Lange PA, December 23, 2008: US07467596 (25 worldwide citation)

A trim tab control system determines current tab position based upon a feedback signal that represents incremental motion of the actuator drive motor. Prior to power down, the current tab position is stored in non-volatile memory, and is retrieved on power up. The control system characterizes the ac ...

Sam Curnow, Ted Eric Ahrenholtz: Surgical tray corner protector. Quadion Corporation, General Hospital Supply Corporation, Kinney & Lange PA, August 19, 2008: US07413157 (19 worldwide citation)

A surgical tray corner protector includes a base, a side wall that extends from an outer edge of the base, and support members extending from the top surface of the base to form a tray support surface, providing improved drainage and air flow.

George N Adzick, Thomas W Guyer: Shoe sole cleaners. Winsor Corporation, Kinney & Lange PA, October 10, 2000: US06128801 (18 worldwide citation)

A shoe sole cleaner removes foreign debris from a sole of a user's shoe by swiping the sole over the shoe sole cleaner on the user's opposing shoe. The shoe sole cleaner includes a base member and an elongated closure strap extending from the base member. A fixed end of the elongated closure strap e ...