Craig Allen
Craig Allen Diederichs: High pressure magnetic flowmeter with stress resistant electrode assembly. Rosemount, Kinney & Lange P A, May 10, 2011: US07938020 (2 worldwide citation)

An electrode assembly comprises a housing, an electrode, a retainer and a potting material. The housing has a first end and a second end, with the electrode extending from the first end of the housing to a process flow. The retainer is positioned about the electrode, inside the housing. The potting ...

Charles D Ray, Eugene A Dickhudt, Philip J Ledoux, Beth A Frutiger: Prosthetic spinal disc nucleus. RayMedica, Kinney & Lange P A, October 7, 1997: US05674295 (619 worldwide citation)

An elongated, pillow shaped prosthetic spinal disc nucleus body for implantation into a human intervertebral spinal disc, made of a hydrogel core and a flexible constraining jacket surrounding the hydrogel material core that permits the hydrogel core to expand and contract. The hydrogel core has a l ...

Stella D Larson, Anne F Mickelson, Peter M Eisenberg: Infusion pump and method with dose-rate calculation. Graseby Medical, Kinney & Lange P A, March 11, 1997: US05609575 (336 worldwide citation)

An infusion pump and method of operating an infusion pump in which the user of the infusion pump is prompted to input a number of infusion parameters, which include a dose mode, a drug dose, a drug amount, and a drug volume. After the parameters are input by the user, the infusion pump automatically ...


Joseph A Marino, Michael P Corcoran: Hoop design for occlusion device. Cardia, Kinney & Lange P A, November 1, 2005: US06960220 (319 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an occlusion device having a support hoop. The support hoop increases the ability of the occlusion device to form a seal around the defect and adds additional structural strength to the device by allowing distribution of pressure along a 360° continuum.

Michael P Corcoran, Joseph A Marino: Flexible medical device. Cardia, Kinney & Lange P A, August 19, 2008: US07413563 (235 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to flexible medical device. The flexible medical device may comprise interlocking portions formed of a continuous channel. When formed of a continuous channel, the medical device comprises interconnected interlocking portions, rather than independent interlocking portions. The ...

Leonard Kadlec, Daniel Tallman, Patrick Kilawee: Deodorizing and sanitizing employing a wicking device. Ecolab, Kinney & Lange P A, October 23, 2007: US07285255 (227 worldwide citation)

A device and method for sanitizing and deodorizing including the selective transportation of a sanitizing composition by the capillary action of a wick to an acidic composition which may be held in a reservoir, or which also may be selectively transported through the capillary action of a wick to th ...

Klaus Draenert: Prosthesis component and a method of producing it. Kinney & Lange P A, September 10, 1996: US05554190 (221 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a prosthesis component for anchoring with or without using bone cement and to a method of producing it. The prosthesis component, which can be produced by CAD and image-analysis methods, provides for the largest possible surface for the transmission of forces, and it ...

Theodore M Lachinski, Louis S Ptacek, Paul M Blais, Stephen Boggs, John W Longfellow, Jeffrey M Setterholm: Method and apparatus for collecting and processing visual and spatial position information from a moving platform. Geospan Corporation, Kinney & Lange P A, May 27, 1997: US05633946 (215 worldwide citation)

Visual and spatial position information is collected and processed for the formation of a geographic information database. In addition, the information collected and processed can be used to update the United States Census Bureau TIGER/Line files to improve the accuracy of the files. Information col ...

Joseph A Marino, Michael P Corcoran, Peter M Buonomo: Occlusion device with stranded wire support arms. Cardia, Kinney & Lange P A, March 27, 2001: US06206907 (214 worldwide citation)

An occlusion device with stranded wire support arms for the closure of atrial or ventricular septal defects, for the closure of patent ductus arteriosus, patent foramen ovale, or other vascular defects. The occlusion device comprises a center section extending in an axial direction, with upper and l ...