Jaime Braverman
Mary Lucille DeLucia, Xin Ning, Jaime Braverman, Eric Mitchell Johns, David M Schertz, Robert L Pekrul, Robert L Hudson, Soo Gyung Jung, JeaSeung Chin, Kue Young You, Kyung Hee Cho, Jin Hee Lee: Methods of improving the softness of fibers and nonwoven webs and fibers and nonwoven webs having improved softness. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Kimberly Clark Worldwide, January 8, 2004: US20040005457-A1

The present invention provides a method for producing softer fibers and nonwoven webs that includes forming a mixture comprising (i) a thermoplastic and (ii) an additive selected from the group consisting of polyethylene waxes, glyceryl monostearate, sorbitan tristearate, CATALLOY KS357 MONTELL poly ...

Tammy Balzar
Sara Marie Etheridge, David Lewis Myers, Daphne Lynn VanBuren, Kathy Geralyn Richardson, Tammy Jo Balzar: Lint-reducing container. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, July 13, 2006: US20060151516-A1

An electrostatically charged polymeric material, such as a polyolefin non-woven web, can be used in conjunction with a container, such as a tissue carton, for example, to attract lint and reduce the amount of lint that is deposited on the surface area surrounding the carton when the tissues are disp ...

Tammy Balzar
Walter G Bauer, Tammy J Balzar, Sarah L Christoffel, Ann Marie Przepasniak, Marci E Sojka: Device with pull tab activation. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, November 9, 2006: US20060251464-A1

A fluid-containing pouch is presented including a top layer having an outer surface; a bottom layer attached to the top layer and forming a cavity therebetween; an opening in the top layer allowing fluid communication between the cavity and the outer surface; a seal removably attached to the outer s ...

Tammy Balzar
Yung Hsiang Huang, Rodney Carlton Christianson, Douglas Bryan Cole, Tammy Jo Balzar, Stephen Bernard Studee: Wet wipes container having improved strength. Michael J Bendel, Kimberly Clark Worldwide, February 21, 2002: US20020020709-A1

A container including a container base and a container lid that is connected to the container base. The container base includes a bottom and a front wall, a rear wall and a pair of opposed side walls that extend upwardly from the bottom to provide an interior for containing the wet wipes. At least o ...

Tammy Balzar
Thomas Gerard Shannon, David Andrew Moline, Tammy Jo Balzar, Jeffrey David Mathews, John J Urlaub: Apertured tissue products. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Kimberly Clark Worldwide, December 15, 2005: US20050274470-A1

The fluid intake rate of a tissue product having at least one hydrophobic exterior layer can be increased significantly by the addition of apertures through the hydrophobic exterior layer to the tissue product's hydrophilic interior layer. The apertures allow for fluid to be absorbed by the hydrophi ...

Tammy Balzar
Rebecca Lyn Dilnik, Dawn Lynn Ilnicki Houghton, Tammy Jo Balzar, Pamela Mary Thompson, Mary Rece Holt: Disposable and reusable pouf products. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, February 10, 2005: US20050031833-A1

The present invention is a poufable product that is capable of being converted into a pouf product. The poufable product is comprised of at least one flat ply of flexible sheet material having at least one side edge and at least one cord. The cord engages at least one ply of the flexible sheet mater ...

Tammy Balzar
Sarah A Lemke, Scott W Wenzel, Tammy J Balzar: Skin cooling composition. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, Catherine E Wolf, April 30, 2009: US20090110656-A1

A cooling composition for application to the skin of a mammal, such as a human. The base of the composition is an interpenetrating polymer network, which may contain a thermo-responsive polymer. Having a Critical Temperature above an average core body temperature, the material may undergo a phase ch ...

Tammy Balzar
Hongxia Gao, Gary Douglas Williams, Patricia Ann Samolinski, Scott Allen Baum, Sara Marie Vermillion, Daphne Lynn VanBuren, Tammy Jo Balzar, Cynthia Watts Henderson: Adjustable sheet dispenser. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Kimberly Clark Worldwide, December 8, 2005: US20050269343-A1

A dispenser for sheet materials includes a top portion, a bottom portion, and a restraining member preventing the top and bottom portion from separating. The top portion and the bottom portion can telescope to vary the dispenser's overall height. In one embodiment, by designing a dispenser having bo ...

Tammy Balzar
Loic Grebonval, Kenneth Graham Russell, Danny Fraser Masting, Tammy Jo Balzar, William John Maskell, Jason Morenikeji, Gerard Michael O Brien, David Eugene Salmon: Freestanding dispenser for dispensing two different substrates. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, June 30, 2005: US20050139719-A1

A freestanding dispenser for dual dispensing of a wet substrate and a dry substrate includes: a base for supporting the freestanding dispenser on a substantially horizontal surface; a support member connected to the base, the support member holding a roll of a dry substrate in a substantially vertic ...

Tammy Balzar
Marci E Sojka, Frederick J Lang, Ann Marie Przepasniak, Tammy J Balzar, Sarah L Christoffel, Kristi Jo Bryant: Malodor reduction patch. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, November 9, 2006: US20060251609-A1

A patch is presented for use in conjunction with a surface, the patch including a backsheet having an adherent surface, wherein the backsheet is translucent; an outermost surface opposite the adherent surface; an adhesive applied to the adherent surface; a peel layer removably attached to the adhesi ...