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Improved detergent compositions, especially granular detergents, comprising bleach activators which form multiperacids, especially specific monoquaternary substituted bis(peroxycarbonic) acids, upon perhydrolysis are provided.



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There is provided a bleaching composition containing (a) an oxygen-releasing bleaching agent as a source of available oxygen and (b) a non-paraffin oil organic silver coating agent. In one aspect the rate of release of available oxygen is carefully controlled such that the available oxygen is comple ...

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The present invention relates to automatic dishwashing detergent compositions and methods of using compositions comprising halogenated salts, phosphate and/or silicate in conjunction with electrolyzed water in automatic dishwashing appliances comprising an electrochemical cell and/or electrolytic de ...

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The present invention relates to the use of absorbent materials for separating water from an emulsion comprising water and lipophilic fluid. The methods, systems, and compositions of the present invention expose the emulsion to absorbent materials such that water is absorbed out of the emulsion in o ...

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A cleaning composition is releasably contained in a controlled-release pad or sheet, preferably enveloped within an apertured, formed-film cover sheet to provide a spot removal article. The article is pressed against localized stained areas on fabric surfaces to release the cleaning composition in a ...

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The present invention relates to a perfume composition for delivery of high impact accord perfume ingredients, encapsulated embodiments of such compositions and their use in laundry and cleaning applications.

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Modified starch encapsulated High Impact Accord (HIA) perfume particles are disclosed. The particles consist of a modified starch and perfume oil encapsulated by the starch and comprised of at least two HIA perfume ingredients which have a boiling point at 760 mm Hg, of 275° C. of lower, a calculate ...

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Bleaching compositions useful for laundering fabrics comprising a manganese bleach catalyst at a level below about 40 ppm manganese sourced by the catalyst. Also, acid wash methods useful for reducing the bleach catalyst carry-over from laundry bleach compositions containing metal-containing bleach ...