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A home automation system comprises a number of sub-systems for controlling various aspects of a house, such as a security sub-system, an HVAC sub-system, a lighting control sub-system, and an entertainment sub-system. The network comprises a host computer connected through a host interface to a plur ...

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A lighter than air apparatus is provided with a gas impermeable sheeting material having a pathway either extending through the apparatus itself or adjacent to the apparatus. One or more control surfaces are provided proximately to an aperture in the pathway for deflecting air passing through the pa ...

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A transducer system for an acoustic instrument such as a guitar or violin including a receptacle for mounting on the instrument coupled electronically to an output jack for mounting in a remote location on the instrument and a transducer or pickup assembly that plugs into the receptacle.

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Method and device for preserving the meat of a slaughtered bird or a part thereof, in which the bird or the part thereof is firstly cooled in a short time until the core temperature of the meat is lower than the temperature at which heat-shortening occurs at the prevailing acidity; and next the bird ...

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A packaged piezoelectric oscillator is provided which comprises an insulating package body, a piezoelectric element, and a lid member. The package body has an upwardly open housing groove which has a bottom surface formed with oscillator electrodes at both ends of the housing groove. The piezoelectr ...

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A smoke detection and alarm system including one or more low cost battery operated smoke alarms fitted with internal non-rechargeable standby batteries, a reactive primary power supply derived from mains supply, and connecting means for connecting the reactive power supply to each of the system's sm ...

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Detachable chevron-shaped panels that fit within chevron-shaped apertures in the cover of an exit sign. The panels are dimensioned to fit integrally into the apertures in order to withstand years of stress, temperature changes, and wear and tear but continue to perform in a light-fast and reliable m ...