Jeffrey S Lee, Axel Fuchs, James Blake Bullock: Method and apparatus for providing navigational services in a wireless communication device. Motorola, John J King, Kevin D Wills, April 16, 2002: US06374177 (295 worldwide citation)

An internet radio for portable applications and uses such as in an automobile enables providing navigational services to be provided to a wireless communication device, and comprises the steps of providing a user interface in said wireless communication device for providing navigational services to ...

Axel Fuchs, David J Wheatley, William S Hede, James A Van Bosch, Robert F D Avello: Integrated personal communications system and method. Motorola, Kevin D Wills, Thomas V Miller, November 29, 2005: US06970703 (148 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of integrating a personal communications system (102) includes a telematics device (106) coupled to a vehicle (107), where the telematics device (106) can exchange data with at least one vehicle system (139, 140) and where telematics device (106) includes a service providing ...


Mark L Shaughnessy, Peter J Armbruster, James P Krakora, Bradley R Schaefer, William Shores: Method for joining dispatch calls. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, Kevin D Wills, February 14, 2006: US06999782 (117 worldwide citation)

A dispatch call setup method selects (101) either a forced dispatch call (105) or an invite dispatch call (103). The originating unit (20) of the dispatch call may select either option. Depending on how the required target users (30, 40) respond, the originating terminal has the option to complete t ...

Jheroen P Dorenbosch, Richard L Bennett: Method and apparatus for establishing a talk group. Kenneth Haas, Kevin D Wills, February 27, 2007: US07184790 (114 worldwide citation)

When any remote unit (113–118) desires to create a talk group, it transmits an inbound message to a group call database (112). The inbound message includes the identity of the requesting communication device, and the participants of the talk group. Upon receiving the request, group the call database ...



Jheroen P Dorenbosch, Jack A Gipson, Ajaykumar R Idnani: Fast call set-up for multi-mode communication. Motorola, Frank J Pogacz, Kevin D Wills, January 9, 2007: US07162236 (79 worldwide citation)

Fast call set-up for a call to a multi-mode communication unit (102) is facilitated by a method and apparatus for registering and re-registering priorities with a SIP registrar (111). A list of contacts with first priorities associated with a mode of operation in a first enterprise network (106) is ...

Axel Fuchs, James Blake Bullock, Robert A Gee, Stanislaus Gonsalves, Jeffrey Kohley, Mark McNulty: System and method for distributed navigation service. Motorola, Kevin D Wills, May 20, 2003: US06567745 (78 worldwide citation)

A distributed navigation system and method for providing driving instructions to a user. The system includes a service center having a navigation server and associated workstations. The service center stores driving instructions in a continuously updated map database. In response to a user request t ...


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