David L Kaehler: Integrated gasoline dispenser and POS authorization system with unattached pin pad. Gilbarco, Kenneth Watov, October 30, 1990: US04967366 (142 worldwide citation)

In a gasoline dispenser system, a dispenser head includes a PIN PAD for permitting a customer to privately enter their personal Identification Number into the PIN PAD at a location remote from the dispenser head, for permitting the PIN number to be transmitted to a receiver in the dispenser head, fo ...

Hans E Sutter: Method and apparatus for screenless panoramic stereo TV system. Pedalo, Kenneth Watov, David Jackson, Stefan Klauber, August 1, 1989: US04853764 (122 worldwide citation)

A portable stereo audio and video receiver comprises a self powered pocket sized receiver and control unit for supplying stereo audio and stereo video signals to a headset worn by a user, with the headset including a pair of headphones for mounting over the ears of the user to provide stereo sound, ...

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A system for recovering vapor and liquid emerging from a tank as it is being filled, in which the volumetric flow of a recovery pump that withdraws the vapor through a recovery tube is made equal to the volumetric flow of a fuel delivery pump with a microprocessor. The microprocessor can also modify ...

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A power MOS transistor, including source, drain, and gate electrodes, comprises a substrate of a semiconductor material of one conductivity type having first and second opposed surfaces; a drain region extending through the substrate between the surfaces; a plurality of spaced body regions of the op ...

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Amorphous silicon thin-film transistors on glass foil are made using exclusively electrophotographic printing for pattern formation, contact hole opening, and device isolation. Toner etch masks are applied by feeding the glass substrate through a laser printer or photocopier, or from laser-printed p ...

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One end of a flexible hose is inserted into a vapor recovery hose in an area where liquid fuel may accumulate, and the other end of the hose is connected to a pump, for pumping the fuel out of the vapor recovery hose to maintain a clear vapor path.

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In a switching power supply including a step-up transformer having primary and secondary windings, wherein in each successive cycle of operation, during a first period of time a voltage pulse is applied across the primary winding for causing forward current in the secondary to flow through a shuttle ...

John S McSpadden, Russel D Leatherman, Harold R Young: Programmable multiple blender. Kenneth Watov, Stefan J Klauber, David A Jackson, October 24, 1989: US04876653 (60 worldwide citation)

A system for blending low and high octane gasoline includes independent flow paths for each fuel between a supply source and a composite blend manifold and nozzle assembly, with the rate of flow of fuel in each flow path being under individual closed loop control, under an algorithm for comparing th ...

Richard H Baker: Biasing methods and circuits for series connected transistor switches. Reliance Electric Company, Allan M Lowe, Kenneth Watov, January 4, 1983: US04367421 (57 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment of the invention, a switching circuit is provided by connecting the main current paths of a plurality of relatively low voltage transistors in series for switching a relatively high level of voltage, with zener diodes being connected across the main current paths of each one of the ...

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A spike assembly for facilitating the supply of a fluid from a container to a hypodermic syringe, fluid conduit extending therethrough between first and second ends of a body, a piercing member located at the first end for piercing into the container to form a fluid sealing engagement therebetween, ...