Wann Sheng Huang, Margaret A Hight: Producing hydrocarbons through successively perforated intervals of a horizontal well between two vertical wells. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, Harold J Delhommer, July 28, 1987: US04682652 (253 worldwide citation)

The invention uses two vertical wells and a horizotal well located within the underground formation extending between the two vertical wells. A thermal fluid is injected into the formation through the first vertical well. Hydrocarbons and other fluids are produced from the horizontal well through a ...

Phillip K Notz, John Prieditis, James F Stevens: Method for improving injectivity of fluids in oil reservoirs. Texaco, James L Bailey, Kenneth R Priem, Harold J Delhommer, May 27, 1997: US05632336 (235 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for increasing the rate of injection of flooding fluids into injection wells. A slug of polar solvent or a mixture of polar solvent and non-aqueous flooding fluid is injected into the injection well to displace aqueous and hydrocarbon liquids in the rock surrounding the injectio ...

Thomas G Scott, Frederick B Seufert, Edward J Hanzlik: Process for extracting hydrocarbons from diatomite. Texaco, Kenneth R Priem, James L Bailey, Cynthia L Hunter, November 5, 1996: US05571403 (201 worldwide citation)

An improved process for extracting hydrocarbons from a diatomite ore which comprises the combination of the steps of:

Billy W Surles, Howard L McKinzie: Prepacked screen. Texaco, James L Bailey, Kenneth R Priem, Cynthia L Hunter, September 3, 1996: US05551513 (128 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improvement in a prepacked well screen assembly which includes coating the granular material in the filter medium with a resin system including an oligomer of furfuryl alcohol, a catalyst including an oil soluble, slightly water soluble organic acid, and an ester of a weak organic ac ...

Patrick D Ellis, Billy W Surles: Chemically inert resin coated proppant system for control of proppant flowback in hydraulically fractured wells. Texaco, Kenneth R Priem, James L Bailey, Cynthia L Hunter, February 18, 1997: US05604184 (100 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improvement in a method for propping a fracture adjacent a wellbore formed by injecting in said fracture a carrier fluid containing proppant coated with a curable resin which improvement comprises:

Harold J Delhommer, Clarence O Walker: Method for controlling lost circulation of drilling fluids with hydrocarbon absorbent polymers. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, Harold J Delhommer, January 6, 1987: US04633950 (95 worldwide citation)

The invention is a method for reducing lost circulation of aqueous or oil based drilling fluids wherein one or more hydrocarbon absorbent polymers are dispersed in an aqueous carrier fluid which is injected into the lost circulation zone. The aqueous carrier fluid initially prevents hydrocarbon from ...

Clarence O Walker: Encapsulated lime as a lost circulation additive for aqueous drilling fluids. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, Harold J Delhommer, September 30, 1986: US04614599 (88 worldwide citation)

The disclosed invention is a novel drilling fluid additive for use in reducing lost circulation in wellbores and a method for employing the invention additive for reducing such lost circulation. The invention additive is lime encapsulated by a reaction-preventive protective casing to prevent the lim ...

Doris M Rice, Richard J G Dominguez: Reaction injection molded elastomers prepared from amine terminated polyethers, amine terminated chain extender and aromatic polyisocyanate. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, David H Mossman, February 21, 1984: US04433067 (85 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to reaction injection molded elastomers containing a major amount of polyurea linkages derived from high molecular weight amine terminated polyethers, an aromatic diamine chain extender and a polyisocyanate. The reaction injection molded (RIM) elastomers of this invention are u ...

Robert H Friedman: Sand consolidation method employing latex. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, March 17, 1987: US04649998 (80 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a method of treating wells completed in subterranean formations containing unconsolidated sand particles, so as to form a permeable barrier which permits relatively free flow of liquids including petroleum therethrough while restraining the flow of sand particles into the w ...

Robert H Friedman, Billy W Surles, Philip D Fader: Sand consolidation methods. Texaco, Jack H Park, Kenneth R Priem, February 27, 1990: US04903770 (79 worldwide citation)

Methods are provided for selectively consolidating naturally occurring mineral grains such as sand within a subterranean formation to form a fluid permeable barrier which restrains the movement of sand particles when oil passes through the barrier. A fluid comprising a polymerizable monomer such as ...