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A method for producing a macroporous acrylic resin in an aqueous suspension from a C1-C4 alkyl acrylate, an organic solvent and a crosslinker.

John William Ashmore, Thu Ba Thi Tran, Janet Nadya Younathan: Method for reducing odor in latex paints. Rohm and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, August 3, 2010: US07767729 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for reducing odor arising from surfaces coated with latex paints. The method comprises combining in a latex paint: (i) at least one stabilizer; (ii) at least isothiazolone one biocide comprising 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one or 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one; and (iii) at least one thickene ...

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An aqueous composition containing pigment and an acrylic polymer and having reduced flocculation of pigment particles.

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A method for brightening pulp at a pH from 4.5 to 9. The method comprises the steps of: (a) combining an alkali metal borohydride, an alkali metal hydroxide, an alkali metal bisulfite and phosphoric acid to form a reducing solution; and (b) adding the reducing solution to a pulp slurry in an amount ...

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A composition comprising multistage polymeric particles having an average particle diameter from 0.5 to 15 μm and a Vicker's scale hardness from 100 to 700 Kgf/mm2; and a film-forming polymer having Tg no greater than 80° C. The refractive index difference measured from 400 nm to 800 nm between the ...

George Harvey Redlich, Roger Gerard Hamel, Nuno Maurice Rei: Resin immobilized biocide. Rohm and Haas Company, Thomas D Rogerson, Kenneth Crimaldi, April 5, 2005: US06875797 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a composition comprising: (a) 85% to 99% by weight of a resin selected from the group consisting of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate-Carbon Monoxide; Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene; Styrene-Maleic Anhydride; Styrene-Methyl Methacrylate; Thermoplastic polyurethane; Ethylene-Vinyl Ac ...

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An adhesive tape comprising: (a) a polymer film; (b) a primer coat on said polymer film; and (c) an adhesive layer on the primer coat comprising: (i) a natural rubber latex; and (ii) a tackifier.

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A method for marking a petroleum hydrocarbon or a liquid biologically derived fuel by adding to the petroleum hydrocarbon or liquid biologically derived fuel at least one compound having formula (I), wherein R represents C1-C18 alkyl, C3-C18 alkenyl or C3-C18 alkynyl.

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Emulsion polymer particles comprising from 25 to 45 wt % polymerized residues of at least one C3-C6 carboxylic acid monomer and from 0.1 to 3 wt % polymerized residues of at least one crosslinker, wherein percentage of crosslinker increases continuously from particle centers to particle surfaces.

Kathleen A Auld, James Keith Bardman, Michele Heffner, David G Kelly, Michael Rhodes: Method of making polymer encapsulated titanium dioxide particles. Rohm and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, June 21, 2016: US09371466 (1 worldwide citation)

A process for encapsulating TiO2 particles by polymerizing sodium styrene sulfonate with a redox initiator system; then polymerizing a first monomer mixture comprising at least 60 wt % acrylic monomers; then polymerizing a second monomer mixture comprising at least 40 wt % vinyl ester monomers.