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In a multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) communication system, a method and apparatus for multi-antenna transmission. In accordance with the preferred embodiment of the present invention a reduced number of transmit weight matrices are fed back to the transmitter. Each transmit weight matrix is t ...


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The invention computes frequency-domain channel gains by compiling a set of estimated channel gains as a function of pilot sequences, a set of analytical channel gains variables, and a set of weighting coefficients variables. A plurality of weighting coefficients are computed as a function of time a ...

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In a method for wireless data communication between a base station and a subscriber unit in a wireless communication system, groups of symbols of an input data stream are commutated to produce a plurality of commutated data streams. The plurality of commutated data streams are then transformed to pr ...

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A radio telecommunications network for providing information services to a mobile subscriber (


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Error vectors are added to any position estimate determined by Location finding equipment (LFE) in order to give a corrected position estimate. Error vectors are determined utilizing calibration terminals (114), which are roaming vehicles that move throughout the communication system's (100) coverag ...

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The invention provides a method for operating a hybrid automatic repeat request communication system wherein it is determined whether a receiver can process a data packet, and a self-decode request associated with the data packet is sent based on the determination.