Robert M Tarabella: Idle time multimedia viewer method and apparatus for collecting and displaying information according to user defined indicia. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, August 18, 1998: US05796945 (174 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for collecting a series of image collections for display on a video terminal at a user-selected time and sequence, with the series of image collections selected according to a user-defined indicia of images to collect. The apparatus includes means for generating a set of indicia used to ...

Steven Frank Mercereau: Extendable device for enclosing cutting surfaces of surgical instruments. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, December 30, 1997: US05702369 (99 worldwide citation)

A device attached to an end of a surgical cutting tool and extendable from a retracted position with a cutting surface of the tool exposed to an extended position with the cutting surface covered by the device to prevent inadvertent contacts with the cutting surfaces.

Bruce A Keller, Stephen L Smoak, Ivano Ferro: Light transmissive trim plate for recessed lighting fixture. Effetre U, Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, October 27, 1998: US05826970 (93 worldwide citation)

A light-transmissive trim plate and mounting apparatus for being received in a recessed lighting fixture installed in a space over a ceiling, in which a light bulb, being operated for light, communicates light through the trim plate for providing an ornamental illuminative effect around a perimeter ...

Brad Kesel: Consumer comment reporting apparatus and method. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, October 13, 1998: US05822744 (92 worldwide citation)

A consumer feedback apparatus for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information on goods and services offered for sale to consumers by providers, comprising a recording station selectively operable by consumers for recording oral comments regarding goods and services offered by the providers. The ...

Irfan M Jameel: Multiple surgical suture application. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, December 1, 1998: US05843126 (83 worldwide citation)

A multiple surgical suturing apparatus (10) is provided having a fastener member (11) and a retainer member (12). The fastener member has a series of prongs (14) removably mounted to the tubular head by a locking pin (15). Each prong has a recess 29 upon which is mounted suturing tie L joined to eac ...

Doug M Vick, James T Baxter, George S Gibbs: Scented air freshening device. New Ideas International, Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, January 19, 1999: US05861128 (57 worldwide citation)

An air freshening device is made from a solution of a polymer and a fragrant material, which is applied to an air permeable substrate. A solid fragrant residue is formed on the substrate. A fragrant material diffuses from the residue for scenting flowing through and about the substrate. Means are pr ...

Irfan Mufty Jameel, Joe Sam Robinson Jr: Laparascopic suturing instrument. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, February 3, 1998: US05713908 (57 worldwide citation)

A suturing instrument (10) is disclosed having a handle (11) with finger rings (16, 17), a surgical needle (14) pivotably mounted to the handle, and grasping jaws (12, 13) for securing the pivotal position of the needle. The needle has a suture receiving recess (26) and a latch (27) pivotable betwee ...

Heather M Ostermann, Melanie M Macintyre: Portable organizer desk for use while traveling. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, March 9, 1999: US05878672 (47 worldwide citation)

A portable organizer desk 10 comprising a sheet 12 of a substantially planar flexible material, a pair of elongate handle straps 34, 35 attached to the sheet on a first fold line 36 defining a first panel 72 and a second panel 97 in the sheet, a pair of loops 104, 105 attached to the sheet along a s ...

Nancy Holden, Pamela Hartman, Jeanne Alfaro: Carriers and interchangeable liner therefor. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, April 20, 1999: US05894975 (45 worldwide citation)

A system of selectable carriers for receiving an interchangeable liner enclosing a plurality of articles for facilitating exchange of articles from one selected carrier to another. The system provides a plurality of carriers which each have at least an opening with a first connecting member having a ...

Lonnie G Johnson: Wet diaper detector. Johnson Research & Development Company, Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, November 17, 1998: US05838240 (42 worldwide citation)

A wet diaper detector comprises an elongated strip of material sized to be positioned in a diaper with a portion of the strip residing in a region of the diaper subject to wetness and an end of the strip protruding from the diaper at the upper rear or front portion thereof. The strip carries a pair ...