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A low temperature LPCVD process for co-depositing metal and silicon to form metal silicide on a surface such as the surface of a semiconductor integrated circuit wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium. A reactor which contains the surfac ...

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A method and circuitry are disclosed for correcting bit errors introduced by random events in a data recirculating memory, such as a charge coupled memory device or a bubble memory. The bit errors, caused by random events such as by alpha particle bombardment or other causes, are corrected in circui ...

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A CMOS buffer for the dynamic translation of input signals at TTL levels to corresponding signals at CMOS levels. A reference voltage at a level between the 0.8 volt maximum TTL "0" input level and the 2.4 volt minimum "1" input level is generated by charge distribution between capacitors. This refe ...

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A self-refreshing non-volatile memory cell having two cross-coupled transistors includes a first floating gate formed between the gate and the channel of said first transistor, said first floating gate overlying by means of a tunnel oxide a portion of the drain of said second transistor and a second ...

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An innput/output terminal assembly for pressure transducers of the flexure type. The transducer includes a flexure member which senses an applied pressure by means of strain gauges mounted thereon. A known problem with such an arrangement concerns the electrical connections to the strain gauges wher ...