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High molecular weight copolymers of L(-) lactide and glycolide are prepared by heating a mixture of the monomers at 200.degree.C. in the presence of a stannous octoate catalyst. The copolymers so obtained may be extruded to form filaments having utility as absorbable sutures.

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A needle-suture combination is provided which has a suture pull-out value between 3 ounces and 26 ounces. The suture, one end of which is sized with a resin and smaller in diameter than the rest of the suture, is manufactured by placing the suture under tension, immersing a small section of the sutu ...

Schneider Allan K: Polylactide fabric graphs for surgical implantation. Ethicon, Kell Robert W, March 19, 1974: US3797499 (83 worldwide citation)

Absorbable surgical sutures that are dimensionally stable within the body may be prepared by the extrusion of polylactide polymer, including copolymers of L(-) lactide with up to 35 mole percent of glycolide. Said polymers are characterized by an inherent viscosity of at least 1.0, and the extruded ...

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A surgical suture package, primarily for double armed multi-strand sutures, retains each individual suture in a predetermined sinusoidal configuration within adjacent but separate compartments. Notches along one edge of the package secure the armed ends of each suture which are held in place within ...

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A surgical needle is manufactured with an open channel at the blunt end thereof sized to receive a suture. The suture is bonded to the channel with an adhesive that prevents 'pull-out' of the suture as it passes through tissue. After suturing, the surgeon may easily remove the needle from the suture ...

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Surgical sutures having an improved knot strength are constructed with a central core of multifilament yarn that has been impregnated with an adhesive binder. The adhesive binder coated core yarn is covered with a ribbon-like helical winding of multifilament yarn and the composite structure is hot s ...

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The disclosure is directed to a device for monitoring the thermodynamic state of a fluid flowing through a conduit. Electromechanical transducers (12) and (15) are acoustically coupled to a conduit (13) by securing straps (14). The piezoelectric crystal (17) of transducer (12) converts an electrical ...