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A frequency independent beam waveguide comprises a row of equispaced identical axisymmetric phase setting means (1), which may be lenses or reflectors, or a combination of both, spaced a distance D apart from each other. The focal length of each phase setting means (1) is D/2. A launcher (2) spaced ...

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A microwave-frequency microstrip antenna (10) simultaneously usable for both transmitting and receiving microwave-frequency signals that have dual orthogonally polarized components. The components may be either linearly or circularly polarized. A radiating patch (26) is mounted on a first dielectric ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling a combustion engine. Means are provided for controlling the energy conversion function of the engine. Adjustments of these control means are obtained by sensing at least one engine operating condition, developing an electrical signal indicative of such conditio ...

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A method and apparatus for carrying out combustion in an internal combustion engine of the stratified charge type is disclosed. The piston and cylinder are shaped in a manner to define a variable volume space and a main combustion chamber residing as a cavity in the top face of the piston, the cavit ...

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A method for controlling the amount of fuel mixture, including a first and second fuel of different volatility, to be supplied to an internal combustion engine includes calculating a base amount of fuel mixture needed to achieve a desired air to fuel ratio at a predetermined engine operating conditi ...

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A method of bonding two silicon wafers each having a capacitive plate. Two highly-doped electrically semiconductive feedthrough paths are formed through one wafer, each path contacting one of the capacitive plates. A glass layer is formed on one of the silicon wafers where bonding is desired between ...

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Pixels within a satellite camera (1, 2) image are precisely located in terms of latitude and longitude on a celestial body, such as the earth, being imaged. A computer (60) on the earth generates models (40, 50) of the satellite's orbit and attitude, respectively. The orbit model (40) is generated f ...

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A silicon valve for controlling the flow of a fluid includes two generally planar silicon members. One has an orifice for passing the fluid and the other has a relatively moveable surface to selectively open and close the orifice thereby controlling the flow of fluid through the orifice.

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A method of computing the state of charge for a battery including the steps of sensing the battery voltage and current, and computing the used battery capacity, C.sub.u, and the average battery current, I. The total battery capacity, C.sub.t is calculated from average current using the Peukert equat ...

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A quick-connect tubular coupling for a pair of tubes one of which has an end portion telescopically disposed within an end portion of the other. An annular cage is externally mounted on the one or inner tube in axially spaced relation to the free end of its end portion. The cage is held on the one t ...