Hans Ernst Sachse: Keil & Weinkauf, November 7, 1989: US04878901 (483 worldwide citation)

An indwelling urethral catheter arrangement for the prevention of ascending bacterial infection which is of such a design that, on the one hand the bacteria are flushed downwardly by urine permitted to flow along the inside of the urethral wall and, on the other hand, the entire urinary stream is co ...

Hans Helmut Goertz, Stefan Marcinowski, Axel Sanner: Water-insoluble protein material, its preparation and its use. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil & Weinkauf, October 23, 1984: US04478976 (300 worldwide citation)

A biologically active protein which is bonded to a water-insoluble porous copolymer based on N-vinylimidazole and/or substituted N-vinylimidazoles and monomers which can be copolymerized therewith, its preparation and its use for carrying out enzymatic reactions.

Eberhard Steckhan, Rainer Wienkamp: Electrochemical hydrogenation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil & Weinkauf, July 2, 1985: US04526661 (245 worldwide citation)

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD.sup..sym.) is electrochemically hydrogenated to NADH in aqueous solution and in the presence of a metal complex as an electron carrier.

Antonio Gray: System for measuring the transfer time of a sound-wave in a gas and thereby calculating the temperature of the gas. ENEL, Keil & Weinkauf, August 1, 1995: US05437506 (228 worldwide citation)

A system for measuring the "time of flight" or transfer time of a sound wave in a gas by using the relation between the gas temperature and the velocity of the sound wave in the gas, and calculating therefrom the temperature of the gas. The system comprises an emitter, which generates a sound which ...

Malte Neuss: Spiral implant for organ pathways. pfm Produkterfur Die Medizin, Keil & Weinkauf, July 16, 1996: US05536274 (178 worldwide citation)

Spiral implant for organ pathways, in particular for blood vessels, which is formed from a primary spiral made of metal or a primary tube made of an elastic synthetic material whose anterior end is closed and whose cross-section at a distance of 0.5 to 2 mm from the other end of the primary spiral o ...


Guido Danieli: Flexible endoscope. Keil & Weinkauf, October 17, 1989: US04873965 (129 worldwide citation)

A flexible endoscope comprising a handle, a flexible section, a terminal articulated length, at least one additional articulated length between the flexible section and the terminal articulated length, each articulated length being movable by two pairs of wires connected with servomechanisms so as t ...

Bernhard Rieger, Hans Brintzinger, Werner Roell, Annette Reinmuth, Elke Barsties: Soluble catalyst systems for the polymerization of C.sub.2 - to C.sub.10 -alk-l-enes. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil & Weinkauf, July 21, 1992: US05132262 (123 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to soluble catalyst systems for the polymerization of C.sub.2 - to C.sub.10 -alk-l-enes, containing, as active constituents,

Hans Helmut Goertz, Roger G Klimesch, Klaus Laemmerhirt, Siegfried Lang, Axel Sanner, Reinhard Spengler: Preparation of solid pharmaceutical forms. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil & Weinkauf, January 31, 1989: US04801460 (115 worldwide citation)

Process for the preparation of solid pharmaceutical forms by mixing one or more pharmaceutical active compounds with one or more fusible, pharmacologically tolerated binders and, if required, other conventional pharmaceutical auxiliaries, at from 50.degree. to 180.degree. C., and subjecting the mixt ...

Hans Ernst Sachse, Rainer E Sachse: Endoscope for removal of tissue. Keil & Weinkauf, July 12, 1988: US04756309 (111 worldwide citation)

An endoscope for resecting tissue inside body cavities, the principal feature of which is that the endoscopic tube contains a shaft carrying a grinding or milling head, which allows precise removal of scar tissue or other fairly firm tissue under endoscopic control without leaving irregular or therm ...

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