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An apparatus for calling a mobile robot includes a generator installed at a remote controller, and generating an RF signal and infrared signal for calling a mobile robot when a call signal is inputted by a user; and a controller installed at the mobile robot, calculating a direction of the remote co ...

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An apparatus, method, and medium for controlling image orientation are disclosed. An orientation mode detector measures multi-directional rotational angles of a display panel and determines an orientation mode for original image data based on the measured rotational angles. A system memory stores or ...

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A method for inserting a PDU LI in an RLC is disclosed. According to the preferred embodiment, if a current PDU size corresponds to the total size of components of the PDU and the current PDU has information indicating that the current PDU size corresponds to the total size of components of the PDU, ...

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A signal transmitting apparatus for an optical base station is disclosed. According to the invention, a base station outputs a digital IQ signal to an optical connecting unit. The optical connecting unit processes the digital IQ signal digitally, and transmits the digital signal over an optical netw ...

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A call holding voice message transmitting apparatus and method in a mobile communication terminal are disclosed that transmit voice data, preferably stored in the terminal, to a caller in a situation in which the user of the terminal cannot receive an incoming call from the caller. The apparatus can ...

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A data transmission method for a MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple-Output) system allowing multiple terminals to share channelization codes according to the channel states, by receiving channel information from terminals, allocating channelization codes for each transmit antenna based upon the received ...

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The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for providing and obtaining product information through a broadcast signal. In this present invention, information identifying a product item, which is in a scene to be presented from a broadcast signal, and address information of a web site p ...

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The present invention relates to a method for searching a menu in a mobile communication terminal, wherein a plurality of main menus and sub menus of each main menu are simultaneously searched on a single menu screen using various navigational keys.

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A home theater system, an audio output adjusting device of a home theater system and methods thereof allow a prescribed or three-dimension audio configuration state for at least one prescribed position even when the prescribed location and/or a configuration of the speakers in a home theater system ...

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A touch screen device and an operating method thereof are provided. The touch screen device is operated by touching a touch screen and moving a touch while the touch is maintained on the screen. A detector detects a touch point and a moving trajectory, and a controller selects a user command based o ...