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The flow regulator device comprises an internally threaded plug, a punch, a blade and a body. The body has a substantially parallelepipedal form defining a "C"-like cross section and a tower portion terminating in an externally threaded cylindrical tract, adapted for threadedly engaging the plug. Th ...

Jean Kersten, Yves Delmotte: Anti-viral materials. Baxter International, Kay H Pierce, November 14, 1995: US05466725 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to anti-viral materials. These anti-viral materials have a pool of anti-viral agents acting in cooperation with certain plasticizers to maintain and increase the anti-viral agents efficacy. These anti-viral materials may be used to make surgical gloves, condoms, surgica ...


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A surgical ophthalmic drape which is a complete draping system and provides a sterile field and fluid control. The ophthalmic drape includes a main sheet and a fluid pouch. The fluid pouch has a fenestration which is smaller than the main sheet fenestration. The adhesive layer on the bottom of the f ...


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A parameter measuring apparatus includes a constant signal circuit incorporating a sensor having a known response to a given parameter for outputting a signal representing the parameter. The constant signal circuit further includes circuitry defining upper and lower limits of the parameter range. Th ...




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A portable hose fitting crimping machine using an interchangeable cartridge die assembly in conjunction with a portable framework so as to provide for an efficient means for crimping hoses and couplings of different sizes without reliability and calibration problems.