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A valve for the expiratory tubing of a ventilator circuit. The valve assembly includes a valve body, diaphragm, top cap and control tubing. The valve body includes a valve seat, annular surface, sealing ribs, along with other annular members. The diaphragm includes a thick center portion, connected ...

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A bottle cap having a cutting means located inside the cap for selectively opening a sealed bottle is described. The cap can be rotated in either direction over the seal to cause the seal to be punctured and to cause a "C"-shaped cut in the seal. In the preferred embodiment, the center of the "C"-sh ...

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A disposable dental instrument is described in which the instrument is formed by insert molding a handle about a wire. The wire has a working portion and a embedding portion; both the working portion and the embedding portion have a common diameter. In one embodiment of the subject invention, the ha ...

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A surgical drape for use in surgical procedures such as those wherein a catheter is inserted within a vein or artery of a patient. The drape includes a base sheet, for covering portions of the patient, that includes a fenestration and at least one tab portion that provides a member to which a cathet ...

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A device is described for accurately transferring multiple individual fluids from multiple source containers into a single receiving container. Fluid flows from the multiple source containers through individual fluid conduits to a chamber having a single fluid outlet conduit. The fluid outlet condui ...

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A control circuit for a fluid-filled heating pad is described. The control circuit is unique in that it includes a thermistor that is located in close proximity to the heating pad. The circuit is also unique in that it includes a single high-precision reference resistor to self-calibrate the control ...

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A photoluminescent indicator apparatus having automatic feedback means to maintain the sensitivity of the indicator apparatus with respect to variations in environmental conditions. The apparatus includes a sample of photoluminescent material having a photoluminescent decay rate which varies as a fu ...

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A naso-gastric feeding tube (10) includes a hollow, flexible tube (12) having an open, proximal end (14) permanently secured to a hollow adapter (16), forming an integral unit. A stylet (56) is removably mounted within the stylet port (42) of the adaptor (16). A syringe (72) may be secured to the pl ...

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A surgical drape is described which includes a pouch having a drawstring through a channel which runs along one edge of the pouch. When the drawstring is pulled through the channel, the edge of the pouch can be gathered to create a concave surface to control and contain fluids about a surgical site.