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An apparatus for identifying location of a scene which is viewed via a remotely operated system includes a first TV camera operated to observe a scene through a narrow angle lens and a second TV camera to observe the scene through a wide angle lens. At least the first TV camera has a dual mode image ...

Alan R Neuhauser, Thomas W White: AD detection using ID code and extracted signature. Katten Muchin Rosenman, January 27, 2009: US07483835 (67 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for gathering audience measurement data relating to receipt of and/or exposure to audio data by an audience member. A signature characterizing the audio data and additional data are obtained, and the audio data is identified based on both.

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A method performs biometric verifications to authenticate the identification of users using a central biometric authority (CBA). This allows parties to an electronic transaction to be assured of each other's identity. Specifically, at the sender side, a first message to a receiver is generated, wher ...

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A gaming machine 10 has a display 14 and a game controller arranged to control images displayed on the display 14 The game controller is arranged to play a game 16 wherein at least one random event is caused to be displayed on the display 14. If a predefined winning event occurs, the machine awards ...

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A method of calibrating an interactive touch system includes moving a pointer along at least one path on a touch surface over a calibration image presented on the touch surface. Pointer coordinates are generated generally continuously during the tracing representing pointer contact locations on the ...

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A camera-based touch system includes at least one pair of cameras having overlapping fields of view and a touch surface encompassed within the overlapping fields of view across which a pointer is moved. The cameras of the at least one pair acquire images at intervals asynchronously. In order to esti ...

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A communication structure and method which allows connection-like and connectionless communications to be provided on a multiplexed link is provided. The structure and method can make efficient use of available transmission capacity and/or network resources while providing for both types of communic ...

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An apparatus and method for sealing a fluid sample collection device, comprising: loading a fluid sample collection device with a fluid sample, said device comprising a housing having at least one substantially planar surface that includes an orifice in fluid communication with an internal fluid sam ...

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Systems, methods and devices for gathering data concerning exposure of predetermined survey participants to media displays are provided. A portable monitor is arranged to receive certain types of terrestrial-based signals, and in some specific cases, satellite-based signals, and to use such signals ...

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A multiple-antenna system including a base station apparatus and a plurality of antenna apparatuses connected to the base station via optical cables is provided. The system comprises a first antenna apparatus and a second antenna apparatus connected to each other via an electric cable. Each of the f ...