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Systems, methods and devices for gathering data concerning media usage by predetermined audience members. An audience measurement code in acoustic energy produced by a media receiver is detected by a portable media monitor. The monitor also detects a location code produced in a vicinity of the media ...

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A communication node selecting unit selects a communication node where a time for transferring a failure notification message from a plurality of failure detected communication nodes which detect a plurality of failures on an active communication path to be protected is within a predetermined time, ...

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Linked with a position registration procedure in a mobile IP, the invention provides a VPN setting service using an IP Sec. tunnel between optional terminals without requiring these terminals to have a specific VPN function. This service is provided by a mobile terminal, authentication servers, a VP ...

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An apparatus for detecting a pointer within a region of interest includes a first reflective element extending along a first side of the region of interest and reflecting light towards the region of interest. A second reflective element extends along a second side of the region of interest and refle ...

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A touch system comprises a touch surface and at least one camera acquiring images of the touch surface. A pointer contact data generator generates pointer position data in response to pointer contact with the touch surface, the pointer position data representing where on the touch surface pointer co ...

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An electrochemical immunosensor system with reduced interference, comprising: a first immunosensor that generates an electrochemical signal based on the formation of a sandwich between an immobilized antibody, a target analyte and a labeled antibody, wherein a portion of the signal arises from non-s ...

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Systems and methods are provided for gathering audience measurement data relating to receipt of and/or exposure to audio data by an audience member. A signature characterizing the audio data and additional data are obtained, and the audio data is identified based on both.

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A touch system comprises overlapping coordinate input sub-regions defining a generally contiguous input surface. Each coordinate input sub-region generates pointer coordinate data in response to pointer contacts thereon. When a pointer contact is made on a region of a coordinate input sub-region tha ...