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A method and system for direct audio capture and identification of the captured audio. A user may then be offered the opportunity to purchase recordings directly over the Internet or similar outlet. The system preferably includes one or more user-carried portable audio capture devices that employ a ...

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A method and system for the automatic identification of audio, video, multimedia, and/or data recordings based on immutable characteristics of these works. The invention does not require the insertion of identifying codes or signals into the recording. This allows the system to be used to identify e ...

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A communication-status notification apparatus enabling a subscriber to observe various kinds of communication status in a network easily via the subscriber's own terminal in a communication system. The apparatus includes a request analysis section for discriminating whether or not voice data receive ...

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A passive touch system includes a touch surface and at least one source of backlight illumination projecting backlighting across the touch surface. At least two image sensors are associated with the touch surface and acquire images of the touch surface from different locations. A digital signal proc ...

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Configuration information set in one virtual path configuration apparatus is shared with all the virtual path configuration apparatuses in the virtual private network. The configuration information may be shared by transmitting the configuration information to other virtual path configuration appara ...

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A gesture recognition method includes detecting multiple pointers in close proximity to a touch surface to determine if the multiple pointers are being used to perform a known gesture. When the multiple pointers are being used to perform a known gesture, executing a command associated with the gestu ...

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Methods and systems for tracking movements of participants in a market research study, for example, within a commercial establishment, are provided. The methods and systems employ portable monitors carried on the persons of the participants to gather location data.

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Methods and systems for measuring and gathering data relating to publication usage by participants in publication readership studies. Some methods and systems employ portable monitors carried by participants of the studies along with publications fitted with various devices, such as piezoelectric tr ...

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Cell selection techniques for use in cellular communications systems are disclosed. A decision as to whether to use a cell for data transmission is made in dependence on a measure of a congestion level in the cell. The decision may either be part of a cell selection decision, or used to override a c ...

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An antenna comprises a dielectric member, an antenna pattern formed on one surface of the dielectric member, and a ground pattern formed on the other surface of the dielectric member. A part or the whole of the antenna is implanted in a dielectric layer on the side from which a laser beam does not c ...