Shiro Sakakibara, Takaharu Fukaya: Actuator for the frictional engaging device. Aisin Warner Kabushiki Kaisha, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, January 23, 1990: US04895236 (105 worldwide citation)

An actuator for a four wheel drive transfer mechanism which is laid in a power transmission device and is controlled by an electrical signal sent from a controlling unit comprises a torque generating mechanism which converts electrical energy into a torque, and a torque-thrust conversion mechanism w ...

Takashi Yasuo: Apparatus for discharging water with passage selection sensor. Inax Corporation, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, December 15, 1992: US05171429 (88 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an apparatus for discharging water wherein light is emitted to the output water so as to visually identify kinds of water and like. The apparatus includes sensors (9, 29, 134) for sensing characteristics of water, such as the temperature, flow, pressure, pH and hardnes ...

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A cerebral aneurysm clip composed of blade parts capable of clipping the root of a lump of cerebral aneurysm and a spring part of imparting a clipping force to the said blade parts, which is characterized in that the said blade parts are made of a synthetic resin or ceramic.

Masato Kuretake, Motonobu Kitagawa: Device for protecting a head of an occupant. Takata Corporation, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, November 30, 1993: US05265903 (71 worldwide citation)

A device for protecting a head of an occupant in an automobile in case of e.g. a lateral collision has an air bag assembly installed above the window beside his seat, and including an inflatable air bag capable of moving down along the window upon inflation. The device also has a member which is mov ...

Nozomi Kanesaka: Ventilating system for respiration of a patient. Kanesaka and Takeuchi, August 27, 1991: US05042470 (54 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a ventilating system adapted to supply breathing gas to a patient and exhaust used gas therefrom. The ventilating system comprises a main ventilating device for supplying breathing gas to a patient, detecting device for detecting malfunction of the main ventilating d ...

Koji Amimoto: Construction method of boardlike building elements. Inax Corporation, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, November 30, 1993: US05265396 (51 worldwide citation)

In a construction method of boardlike building elements each having a groove formed in its upper edge face in the lengthwise direction thereof, the boardlike building elements are fixed to the wall surface of a building body in arranged form by fixing each first fixture to the building body such tha ...

Hikaru Ishii: Taping supporter. Kanesaka and Takeuchi, December 7, 1993: US05267951 (51 worldwide citation)

A taping supporter of the invention is worn around a joint and a surrounding portion of a user for tightly support the same. The taping supporter is formed of a cylindrical body having a size slightly smaller than a size of the joint and the surrounding portion to be worn. The cylindrical body is ma ...

Shigeru Sakakibara: Method of driving an automatic on-off valve for a water passageway. Inax Corporation, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, November 12, 1991: US05063955 (50 worldwide citation)

A method of driving an automatic on-off valve for a water passageway uses the automatic on-off valve including an electromagnetic valve for opening and closing the water passageway, a sensor unit for detecting an object such as a man or a human hand and a control unit for controlling supply/cut-off ...

Yoshikazu Nakayama: Air bag. Takata Corporation, Kanesaka and Takeuchi, March 16, 1993: US05193847 (49 worldwide citation)

Herein disclosed is an air bag for an air bag system to be mounted on a vehicle for protecting a vehicle passenger. The air bag comprises an air-impermeable cloth disposed at least at the side facing the passenger, and an air-permeable cloth at least at the side of the vehicle body. The air-permeabl ...

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Dsiclosed is a method of treating fluoride-containing water, which comprises a reaction step where a calcium compound and/or an aluminium compound are/is added to fluoride-containing water while the pH value of the resulting suspended liquid is adjusted to fall within the range of from 6 to 8, and a ...