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An organic electro-luminescent element is provided with a drying substance contained in an airtight container and spaced from the element in an internal space of the airtight container for absorbing moisture in the internal space. The drying substance comprises a solid compound which chemically abso ...

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The apparatus is a detachable LED module which is used to display a pixel on a display. The LED module includes a rear wall and side walls. A plurality of LEDs along with a processor with input and output capabilities are contained within the LED module. The rear wall includes an aperture to receive ...

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An abrasive tipped rotating cutting tool for use in removing abnormal deposits within a patient's vessels is described. The tip is preferably covered with a material such as diamond grit, and rotated at high speed to pulverize any abnormal deposits contained within the vessel.

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An electronic camera system including a camera and an external computer. The camera includes an IC memory card, a data writing/reading circuit, an interface circuit, and a connector. The computer includes a connector which can be electrically connected to the connector of the camera, the computer be ...

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A continuously variable transmission used for translating between rotary motions or between rotary and linear motions, for use in automotive, industrial and robotics applications, operating with the following principles: an upper section (1) is allowed to freely move in all directions parallel to th ...

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Maxillary sinusitis is treated by placing a self-supporting temporary drain hose in a wall separating the sinus and a nasal cavity. The hose allows drainage from the sinus, and repeated rinsings without the need of further operations. Between rinsings, air enters the sinus through the hose and kills ...

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This invention relates to a microprocessor-based medical pump with a number of manual controls. The operation of this pump requires the attachment of a magnetic label to the front of the pump. This magnetic label includes a given number of strong permanent magnets in a pre-determined configuration w ...

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A method, a kit and an applicator for performing a surgical occlusion. A tubular applicator open at both ends is introduced with a first end adjacent a free-prepared tissue. At least one bundle-strap type tie is introduced into the applicator. A tie portion protruding from said first end of the appl ...

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An omnidirectional, multispectral and multimodal sensor/display processor for the screening, examination, detection, and diagnosis of breast cancer. Its capabilities are accomplished through stable vision fusion of the Doppler-like differences of selective radiologic wavelengths, besides X-ray mammo ...

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The present invention provides for a drug dispensing device which is portable, provides a high level of security, is flexible in accommodating a number of user selected drugs, is easily stockable, and reduces labor and time requirement for drug dispensing. The present invention provides an apparatus ...