Seymour Troy, Kenneth E Mullenix: Automatic lottery system. Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, August 25, 1987: US04689742 (482 worldwide citation)

A wagering system having a central processor and a plurality of playing consoles remote therefrom with said console capable of providing data inputs to the central processor, with such data inputs including identification of the playing console, the player, amount played, and games selected which ma ...

Francis C Szoka Jr, Demetrios P Papahadjopoulos: Method of inserting DNA into living cells. Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, July 19, 1983: US04394448 (226 worldwide citation)

A method of inserting deoxyribonucleic acid or fragments thereof into a living cell, which comprises; encapsulating the DNA or fragment in a lipid vesicle and bringing the vesicle in contact with said cell, whereby insertion occurs.

Crane Roy B: Two circuit track lighting system. Keene Corporation, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, August 27, 1974: US3832503 (159 worldwide citation)

A device is provided for connecting an electrical fixture to a three-conductor, two-circuit power distribution track. The device includes a housing adapted to be secured to the track containing a fixed contact adapted to engage one conductor and a movable contact adapted to be shifted to a proper po ...

Hans J Bugge: Forming fabric of double-layer type. Nordiskafilt, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, September 16, 1986: US04611639 (114 worldwide citation)

A forming fabric for use e.g. in the papermaking industry. The fabric comprises a first weave (1) including weft threads (4) and warp threads (3), and a second weave (2) which is interconnected with the first weave, said second weave comprising coarser weft threads (6), which interweave with warp th ...

Edward L Nugent: One-way evacuated tube stopper. Becton Dickinson and Company, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, January 16, 1979: US04134512 (91 worldwide citation)

Stopper for an evacuated tube with an open end for collecting fluid such as blood samples. The stopper includes a plug adapted to be mounted in the opening in the tube so as to normally seal the tube. The plug permits access of a fluid sample needle therethrough into fluid communication with the red ...

Lars B Osterberg: Forming fabric. Nordiskafilt, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, February 26, 1985: US04501303 (86 worldwide citation)

A forming fabric comprising an upper layer which is intended to serve as the paper-forming side and consists of thinner yarns, and a bottom layer which consists of coarser yarns. The two layers are interconnected in that threads form the upper layer alternately pass downwardy to interweave with the ...

Richard E Ericson: Respiratory exerciser. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, September 9, 1980: US04221381 (85 worldwide citation)

A respiratory exerciser which includes a hollow tubular body having at least two openings at one end and an opening at the other end. A piston is reciprocally slidable in the tubular body. A mouthpiece assembly is removably connectable to one opening at the one end of the body so that when the patie ...

Charles Kelman: Intraocular lens and method of implanting same. Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, November 8, 1977: US04056855 (82 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens and the method of its implantation through an incision in the eye. The assembly includes a lens member and a supporting wire initially in disassembled condition and adapted to be introduced independently through a small incision in the eye. The supporting wire has a base portion ...

Dennis L Carstens: Medical instrument package. Becton Dickinson and Company, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, September 12, 1978: US04113090 (78 worldwide citation)

A package for medical needle assemblies and the like including a shield, a cap, and a closure. The shield encloses the needle and a portion of the hub. The cap is mounted on the shield so that it is shiftable between two positions. In the first position it protects the exposed portion of the hub ext ...

Charles Pollock: Stacking chair. Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, June 11, 1985: US04522444 (77 worldwide citation)

An occasional chair is provided with two Z-shaped sides, two cross-members, and a seat comprising a rim and a mesh. The mesh allows for ventilation and the Z-shaped sides make the chair flexible. A plurality of these chairs can be stacked for easy storage.