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A method and apparatus for the manufacture of rotary drill bits such as are used for oil well drilling which are constructed from a multiplicity of segments. The segments are provided with registration means for positioning the segments relative to one another and are placed in a fixture where they ...

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An improvement in high power electron beam guns including a non-inductive high-voltage cable for supplying power to the gun having barriers for preventing air leakage from inside the cable into the vacuum chamber. The gun includes a support for its cathode and filament, which transmits heat develope ...

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This invention relates to a machine for practicing the gas tungsten arc welding process which includes means for rotating the welding torch continuously while welding. Means are provided for feeding the shielding gases, feed wire and electric current to the rotating torch while welding. Means are al ...

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This invention relates to a welding torch for practicing the gas metal arc process in the welding of thick square edged plates which are separated by a narrow gap. The torch includes a heat resistant tube for providing electrical contact with the moving wire, means for removing heat rapidly from the ...

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A method and apparatus for monitoring parameters which control the quality of welds made by the rotating arc method. Total electrical energy delivered to the parts being welded is controlled and its analog divided by the time during which this energy was applied to obtain average rate of energy deli ...

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A vacuum sealing means for a high production electron beam welding machine incorporating a rotary indexing table carrying parts to be welded from a loading position to a welding position under a stationery electron beam gun and then to an unloading station. Sealable pockets on the rotating index tab ...

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This invention relates to a method and apparatus for surface hardening metals by means of a concentrated beam of electrons. The electron beam is directed and focused to a desired spot on the surface of the said workpiece and is caused to move incrementally from one to the next of a predetermined pat ...

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Machine for friction welding two parts comprising a first non-rotatable means for clamping the first of the two parts and a second rotatable means for clamping the second part. The machine is characterized in that the first non-rotatable clamping means is movable along the axis of rotation of the se ...

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The invention concerns an electron gun for the production of an electron beam designed primarily for welding workpieces and including, in a frame, the mechanical facilities required for holding in a coaxial position and electrically insulating a cathode, a filament, a wehnelt and an anode.

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A transformer for application in portable resistance welding machines assembled from toroidal sections of iron core, primary and secondary windings arranged concentrically one with another. The primary is constructed from copper plate modules so as to form a continuous single layer winding of toroid ...