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A medical procedure for treatment of tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) or cardiac disrhythmia uses a catheter which includes a flexible coaxial transmission line (coax) terminated by an antenna. The antenna and coax are introduced into a chamber of the heart. The antenna is brought into contact with a w ...

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A tuning system is provided which allows a user to enter text labels associated with respective channels or television programs to be tuned so that, thereafter, a channel or program to be tuned may be selected by the user by entering its label. Scheduling of television programs by label is also prov ...

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In a television system in which at least program title information for programs which are to be transmitted in the future is transmitted in advance to form a channel guide listing, apparatus is provided for searching for specific television programs which satisfy certain criteria concerning a user's ...

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Percutaneous transluminal electromagnetic (EM) catheter angioplasty is performed using radio frequency (RF) or microwave frequency power. The catheter includes a coaxial transmission line terminated at its distal end in an antenna. The antenna includes an extension of the coaxial center conductor pa ...

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A vide signal encoding system includes apparatus for segmenting encoded video data into transport blocks for signal transmission. The transport block format enhances signal recovery at the receiver by virtue of providing header data from which a receiver can determine re-entry points into the data s ...

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Digital data is conveyed along with the analog signal by selectively quantizing the analog signal in response to the level of each of the digital bits to be sent. By determining which quantization function was used, a decoder may recover the embedded digital data.

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Apparatus for encoding/decoding a HDTV signal for e.g., terrestrial transmission includes a compression circuit responsive to high definition video source signals for providing ierarchically layered codewords CW representing compressed video data and associated codewords T, defining the types of dat ...

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A television system for receiving a plurality of television programs includes a programming unit for causing the television system to receive and record a particular television show aired on a given channel, at a particular time and date in accordance with schedule data entered by a user. The televi ...

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The disclosure relates to a recording and reading apparatus constituting a kind of video reservoir in the home of the consumer. Thanks to a large-capacity storing technique with suitable technical device, broadcasters transmit numerous programs via specific channels and the consumer may control the ...

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A program representative packetized datastream is generated from an input packetized datastream representing a plurality of programs. Program content packets comprising a desired program selected from the plurality of programs are identified. Condensed program specific information (CPSI) suitable fo ...