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The present invention relates to modified non-Newtonian colloidal disperse systems exhibiting improved thickening power, particularly when diluted. These compositions are useful as high-solids, thermosetting caulks, molding compositions, extruding compositions and the like, but are particularly suit ...

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A phosphorus free or a low phosphorus containing lubricant composition is provided by formulating the composition with an additive of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are independently alkyl of 1 to about 7 carbons, aryl, aralkyl or together form an alicyclic or heteroalicyclic radic ...

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A lubricating oil formulation is described which is useful in internal combustion engines. More particularly, lubricating oil compositions for internal combustion engines are described with comprise (A) a major amount of oil of lubricating viscosity, and at least 2.0% by weight of (B) at least one c ...

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An environmentally friendly lubricating grease composition as well as several processes for preparing the grease composition is desecribed which comprises


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Lubricating oils are described which are useful in two-cycle engines. These oils contain a minor amount of at least one phenolic compound of the general formula

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Improved additives/detergents for lubricant and fuel compositions are obtained by condensing a hydroxyalkyl or hydroxyaryl compound with an amine compound. The condensates according to the present invention are produced by the acid catalyzed condensation of the amine reactant with the hydroxy reacta ...


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A method of preparing boron-containing compositions is described which comprises reacting at least one hydroxy-substituted ester, amide or imide with a boron compound. Such boron-containing compositions are useful in lubricating oils and provide the lubricating oils with anti-wear and/or friction-re ...