Stephen A Lentz: System and method for protecting integrity of computer data and software. Joseph H Roediger, June 9, 1992: US05121345 (137 worldwide citation)

System and method for preventing alteration of stored data by computer virus. In a computer system which normally automatically boots an operating system when the central processing unit is initialized, a device is provided which takes control of the central processing unit before boot-up, checks th ...

Steven R Bloxham: System for monitoring and improving motor vehicle operating efficiency. Joseph H Roediger, July 28, 1981: US04280457 (98 worldwide citation)

A system responsive to engine manifold pressure for monitoring engine operating efficiency and reducing engine load during periods of low operating efficiency is disclosed. The system includes a switch which actuates a first relay when manifold vacuum pressure drops below a threshold level. In this ...

Kirk J Olich: Distance measuring system. Joseph H Roediger, March 29, 1994: US05298904 (82 worldwide citation)

A distance measuring system which may be used on a golf course in order for a golfer to accurately measure the distance between the present lie of his golf ball and the hole toward which he is currently advancing the golf ball. A master transceiver station is portably carried by the golfer to be dis ...

Leo E Shoup: Soft contact lens asepticizing case. Joseph H Roediger, July 12, 1983: US04392569 (57 worldwide citation)

An asepticizing case for the storage and transport of soft contact lenses wherein each lens is confined on a curved surface in a fluid environment without the direct application of force thereto. A flexible skirt having a smaller radius of curvature than that of the lens receiving surface is affixed ...

James J Hunter: Weighted golf club handle. Joseph H Roediger, July 15, 1986: US04600195 (48 worldwide citation)

An improved golf club wherein a plurality of weights are removably attached to the free end of the club shaft in alignment with the shaft axis in order to place the center of gravity of the club closer to the hand-grippable region of the shaft.

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Apparatus for purifying confined liquids and slurries by means of a spark discharge wherein the inner surface of the treatment vessel is designed to include a reflector section adjacent to a pair of electrodes and a concentrating section for intensifying the shock wave generated by the discharge bet ...

Joseph M Rustick, Charles A Finn: Laser boresight for the sighting in of a gun. Joseph H Roediger, November 22, 1994: US05365669 (44 worldwide citation)

A boresight for determining the accuracy of a gunsight wherein a cartridge-shaped housing is dimensioned to fit within the gun chamber. A laser is contained in the housing. A switch is positioned in the end surface of the boresight housing to be contacted by the bolt face of the gun. The switch cont ...

Richard E McCormick, Alfred Schneider: Alarm system responsive to the breaking of glass. Omni Spectra, Joseph H Roediger, January 9, 1979: US04134109 (43 worldwide citation)

An alarm system for detecting the pattern of acoustic signals resulting from the breaking of glass utilizes transducers to convert the acoustic waves to electrical signals and then analyzes the signal strength, the frequency content and the pattern of the signal and no signal intervals to discrimina ...

James R Stanfield, Robert A Daquilante, Bobby G Lanham Jr: Electronic fish scale for coding and storing weights and displaying same in inverse order. Advanced Fishing Technologies, Joseph H Roediger, August 13, 1996: US05545855 (40 worldwide citation)

An electronic scale for use in fishing competitions employing a load cell for accurate measurement and including memory for storing and coding measured fish weights. The scale automatically sorts and scrolls through the stored information to display the code and weight of the lightest fish to permit ...

Joseph M Rustick: Sight mount providing adjustable eye relief. Joseph H Roediger, December 27, 1994: US05375361 (40 worldwide citation)

A sight mount for interchangeable sighting devices which provides adjustable eye relief and improved stability. The base, affixed to the receiver, is provided with parallel guideways to receive a slide support. Midway on the base is a vertically movable block which frictionally engages the slide sup ...