Esther Woolford: Electric Christmas tree. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, July 7, 1998: US05776559 (73 worldwide citation)

An electrified, artificial Christmas tree, which comprises both the artificial tree, composed of a stand and trunk with attachable branches, and various electrical components. The trunk portion of the tree is composed of a plurality of coupled sections which are joined together in a vertical orienta ...

Dawn A Battistella: Beach towel with detachable pillow and carrying case having pockets. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, July 8, 1997: US05644807 (72 worldwide citation)

A Beach Towel With Pillow comprising a beach towel of highly absorbent fabric with an inflatable pillow attached to the towel by means of a hook and loop type fastener, which allows for ease of attaching and detaching. The inflatable pillow may be manufactured of vinyl with welded seams which preven ...

William E Wymer: Lap top lock. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, May 29, 2001: US06237375 (66 worldwide citation)

A lap top security device which has two adjustable arms and two fixed arms which engage with a lock and which adjust to fit different size computers to lock the computer closed. In addition one of the fixed arms has a loop so the security device can be attached to a fixed object.

Kathy McCormick: Continuous play musical mobile. Joseph H McGlynn, Thomas Zack, Patent & Trademark Services, September 8, 1998: US05803786 (60 worldwide citation)

A mobile for a baby's crib or playpen that is operated by a motor. The mobile is mounted to the crib or playpen by means of a resilient shaft that will move under the influence of vibrations from the motor, thereby imparting another type of motion to the mobile. In addition a tape recorder or sound ...

Bridget Howard: Fitted crib pads adapted to cover horizontal and vertical rails. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, July 1, 1997: US05642545 (51 worldwide citation)

A crib pad comprising a loop of polyurethane foam with a slit down the longitudinal extent which forms a cushion. A covering, preferably of heat welded vinyl, which forms an enclosure containing the foam cushion. Vertical pad members are secured by a connecting piece to a pad member with a longitudi ...

Howard L Zach Sr: Automatic moving vehicle alert. Thomas Zack, Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, April 3, 2001: US06211818 (45 worldwide citation)

A tracking system capable of alerting emergency personnel to the location of a vehicle using the earth circling satellite system referred to as the Global Positioning System (GPS). Using this system an identification code is assigned to a vehicle to be tracked and this information is stored in a cen ...

George Allawas: Collapsible lightweight animal security shipping kennel. Thomas Zack, Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, July 25, 2000: US06092488 (44 worldwide citation)

A collapsible lightweight animal security shipping kennel having opposite side hinged walls. The walls can collapse inwardly toward each other, and when fully erect are supported by end walls inserted into slots in the top surface. Two separate sets of two tracks near opposite ends of the side walls ...

Robert C Angel, Jesus Gomez: Road vehicle-actuated air compressor. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, June 3, 1997: US05634774 (43 worldwide citation)

A vehicle or pedestrian operated air compressor which utilizes flaps mounted in pairs in a road or pedestrian walkway surface. When traffic moves over the flaps, they move downward to activate a piston which compresses air. The compressed air can be stored in a container and used as needed to genera ...

Brian Edwin Daw: Trim job. Thomas Zack, Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, October 26, 1999: US05971201 (42 worldwide citation)

A paint container and brush holder made as a unitary mold structure having a built-in paint brush holder compartment and a stationary handle, and at least one tilted side brush holder wall with a bottom with lower paint drain holes. A lower paint reservoir with a substantially opened top may have fo ...

Sharon C Bilbo, Melanie Watts Barker, Traci R Bland: Portable suction unit. Joseph H McGlynn, Patent & Trademark Services, July 7, 1998: US05776119 (42 worldwide citation)

A portable suction device with a base which includes a pump with a pump outlet and inlet and a battery holder with rechargeable batteries connected to the pump via a switch. The base includes a battery charging jack therein for recharging the batteries from a suitable electric power supply. The suct ...